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(Business Wire) 17 February 2004

Free Search Engine Success by Frederick J. cabinet – Interkey.net

the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are many SEO companies out there that can help you to get a high-level, but many are fraud and none of them can to ensure the placement of your website, no matter what they can advertise. Plus they are expensive. No man can return the same trouble as you can in the structure of your business;! As the old saying, if you have something done, DO-IT-Your-self


In this article I will show you how to DO-IT-YOUR-SELF and win tons of new business without spending a penny.

While many still believe that meta tags and the only safe way is to get a high ranking, they are 100% wrong.

today’s major search engines that you are on a high place and want to target Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and how


above do look at search engine meta-tags and are very important in spidering your site, but not so much

effect of the current position of your link to the search engine.

It’s all about Link Popularity!

But let some basic rules for the content and meta tags to begin on your site:

meta tags:

Keywords: Do not use more than 17 important words and repeat a word more
then 3 times in those terms or the search engine can have the feeling


Description: Create a description of your business or website

not copy more than 255 characters (insert, and you can put it in

MicrosoftГ‚? Word use and word count to tell you) Remember. Use as many

keywords and phrases as possible in your description.


Flash and Fancy picture site look great, but can dramatically impact your website search engine position.

Follow the rules below

for the content of your homepage:

Place alt tags on all images with keywords and phrases that look relatively to your website, the people on the web.

When images are on other sites are out, and I mean always a regular set of links on the site, as at the bottom of your homepage. Human’s words may be in the pictures, but search engine spiders cannot read!

Also try the link of your keywords or phrases when possible.


I give you a good example, go to your website (www.yourdomain.com) and “right click” your mouse and select

“View Source”. This is the HTML source code generated by the browser when a user compiles your site.

The search engine also see this code in your site listed, click on the ‘Search’ and enter your keyword then keep on clicking Next and count how often this word collected in the actual code. The more the better but remember never to repeat the same word more than 3 times in the KEYWORD meta tag on the content of this page, you can.

now submit your site to search engines to time.

There are many tools available to automate this process, however, is that search engines the donations? t, as these tools, they often submit their process so that you can never be sure that the automated transfer actually works despite it says if it was successful.

Do not take the chance to do it manually. (It is worth the trouble)

Here are some of the current spoke to submit URL’s for the major engines I:

Google: http://www.google.com/addurl.html

Yahoo: http://docs.yahoo.com/info/suggest/ (difficult but worth it)

Altavista: http://addurl.altavista.com/addurl/new

MSN: http://submitit.bcentral.com/msnsubmit.htm

AOL: Powered by Google, with Google Submit URL above


Google should be your goal when you Google certain point you will still appear on other engine.


After submitting your site so that at least 45 days before you even see your website in search engines.

To determine whether your site is listed, continue the search engine and simply search for www.yourdomain.com, if an ad with your description, you are at the motor show!

Depending on your website, business and the competitors you are already listed on the first page. You are in a competitive industry such as: mortgages, credit repair, web design

or any major keyword you need to get the link popularity building listed on the first page to get.

LINK TRADING (Building link popularity)

search engine figure that more pages have to stand up to you some very good and relevant content and that is why it leads to you. Google and Yahoo are very accurate when a search

this is because link popularity is used as its main algorithm. I did a search on Altavista and other engines for keywords such as mortgages or wood floors, and I end up with a list of adult website

and website selling Viagra. I do not see a relationship with wood floors and Viagra, but if there is someone please educate me. Therefore, I suggest targeting Google and Yahoo

The best way to build link popularity is out, with friends and other trades to do on the Internet.

There are many free services available to hook you up with link trade partners, but I suggest ingas find many on your own as possible first. There is no limit to the number of trades you do should lead,

if you have too many links on your homepage a link on your homepage as “Links” and have it go to a separate page for all links. Load only the most important link on your website is anything to be placed on your link page.

Below is a great and free link trade service, please contact:


Note: After your connection is, it can be up to 45 days before the reverse search engine links to your site list


how to find out, how many sites are To Yours “link:

This is very easy to go to Google or Yahoo and search for the exact phrase at: link: www.yourdomain.com

show you all the site is linking to you and how many there are. Normally, the total number of bacteria in the upper right corner of the results page.

how to find your current position:

a bit more involved, I’ll try to simplify it as much as possible though. Suppose you are finished, all the above tasks to do a search for your most important keywords or keyword. Do not be surprised if your not on the first page, this is normal and take the time and effort to build.

If your not on the first page, press the next button and search for your site, I suggest 20 pages will be displayed on your listing. If your not in the first 20 pages (or position 200), then either you didn’t? T wait enough time for the search engines to your site and find the spider sites linked to you or you just in a very competitive market.

tools, see your link on Google:

http://www.googlerankings.com (highly recommended!)

If this is the case, build your link trades and over time your listing is up page for page has moved!

Google Page Rank (Link Popularity on Google)

To see the PageRank, you have the Google Toolbar, free, and even blocks pop-up ad’s!

download the Google Toolbar here: http://toolbar.google.com/

Ita? s easy to determine the link popularity, or commonly with Google as? PageRankГ‚? or Гў? PRA?. The PageRank measure 00-10, with 10 being the best. Basically, the higher the PageRank of your website, the better. In fact, if this link trades with other sites, make sure that these websites have high PageRankГ‚? S try and this will only shops with a high PageRank pages. However, if your site has a PageRank of 4, probably a person page rank of 7 or 8 did not trade unless you know they either pay or them, but ita? Still worth a try.

How can you tell if you will on the first page of Google for the keyword of your choice? Simple. Do a search on Google for the keyword you are listed for, click a few links to download wait for their website and see what their PageRank, if it is only 5 then, if you have a PageRank of 5 or 6 have, you’ll stay there!

Just keep building those links and see the PageRank bar to grow and be patient!

Additional Help & Author Notes:

I wrote this book to all my experience in Internet marketing driven and I am confident that if you follow this book, you too will all have a successful business.

This article was posted to message boards please visit:


Then go to “Search Engines & Marketing,” the article called “free search engine SUCCESS (from Frederick J cabinet) is

Make sure all the questions you have it so other members can see and learn how to post e-mail is difficult to handle for me when it comes to thousands and thousands of questions, then please post your questions here and they are answered by me and some of my other marketing and SEO guru’s members.

I like hearing people tell me that sales have been carousing, and I should continue to write these articles so you have to e-mail to me with this kind of feedback.

Even if you do yourself to help us and continue the great services that can create a shortcut to bid on your site. http://www.interkey.net/ and recommend our services to other

Yours Truly,

Frederick J.

cabinet – FredS@interkey.net

Vice President – Interkey.net


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(PRWEB) April 2, 2003

WHO: C. Brian Silver, an attorney, author, and, most important a concerned husband and father.

WHAT: In the aftermath of 9/11 and the current War in Iraq, feelings of insecurity and vulnerability have affected every aspect of our lives. With the country at Code Orange and terrorist retaliation at an all time high, we are told to be “vigilant.” What does that mean? What are we supposed to do? What are the reasons behind this conflict? How can we help prevent the next attack? How can we protect our country and family? No one Mr. Silver contacted seemed to have the answers. “I had no clear direction as to how to prepare for or deal with this new and invisible threat. I was afraid that making a bad decision or no decision at all could have dire consequences for my family.”

WHY: So Mr. Silver began an odyssey to find out how he could best prepare and protect his country, his wife and his two young children in this unconventional war. The result is a new book that has broad appeal, is truly different, free of hype, compelling, and will help your audience turn their fears into knowledge. This impressive book provides practical information and links that every family should have. In a very grounded way, the material will give people a balanced perspective on The War on Terror, help them understand the risks, assure and calm their fears, help their children cope, and provides practical steps people can take and the resources they can use to best prepare them and their families for the uncertainties ahead: “Raising Kids in an Age of Terror: A Father’s Strategy on the War on Terrorism”. The book can be found at http://www.CitizenGuideBooks.com or at http://www.Amazon.com. Silver is a powerful interview on the most important topic of the day. Since the Web site was made available to the public, thousands of people have visited http://www.CitizenGuidebooks.com.

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