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Dr. Gordon has been teaching the Unstuck techniques for nearly 40 years ago

Washington, DC (BUSINESS WIRE) 30 October 2008

Integrative medicine pioneer, renowned psychiatrist and educator, James S. Gordon, MD, is a four-part series on the treatment of depression teaching online with proven, natural techniques starting on 18 November. The web-based series called “A Natural Approach to the treatment of depression,” is also video lessons on four main topics Dr. Gordon’s used to treat depression, focusing on Dr. Gordon’s treatment program he developed, and is based around teaching the world for almost 40 years. Dr. Gordon’s program asserts that prescription antidepressants are often ineffective and severe side effects. He teaches natural Self-care techniques, including relaxation exercises, physical exercise, proper nutrition, and others who successfully demonstrated to treat depression and its symptoms. The program allows the patient to take an active, effective role in their own healing. The series and its downloadable resources for participants free of charge. “A Natural Approach to the Treatment of Depression” Series Site

recently, he held, and the faculty at the nonprofit Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) training programs are involved in this approach in the areas and with a population of significant trauma, stress and depression, as in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Kosovo, Israel, Gaza, New York firefighters after 9 / 11 and now with veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. He recently wrote about the comprehensive, holistic program in his book “Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-stage journey out of depression, the unbelievable has gotten rave reviews, by Mehmet Oz, Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Christiane Northrup and Robert Coles and others (see supplementary materials).

pioneering online Wellness Instruction

The Internet is now filled with concentrated “how to” and health advice videos on incredibly popular video sites like YouTube and Veoh. In addition, Oprah Winfrey recent 10-part Web-based series with spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, New Earth, “drew millions of players throughout the series, which contain 90 minutes of live debates on the Internet what the public interest in such online programs . But Dr. Gordon and his production partner in the series, multimedia health education firm MBL Wellness see the need for high quality, easy to understand and interesting wellness and self-care instruction on the web. “Patients want and need definite information on important wellness techniques like stress reduction, exercise and how to eat well, but usually do not get this statement from their physicians. The Web offers us today a powerful, high-quality way, millions of educate people on good self-care techniques, using video, audio, audience participation, and downloadable materials – all at once, “says Dr. Gordon. Studies now show that over 60% of U.S. adults use the Web to information about health and wellness research.

Dr. Gordon views this Web-based effort simply as an extension of what the Center for Mind-Body Medicine has done since he founded the organization in 1991: education about the natural, proven methods of treatment of hundreds of thousands to help people around the world, they maintain and heal itself. The vast majority of these people (could not) not for the training, CMBM (funded primarily by grants and donations) offers thousands of health to pay mental health, and educational staff, then the information with their people.

in the series is Dr. Gordon viewers with four easy to understand lessons (between four and ten minutes) as well as a downloadable “Unstuck Pack”, the audio, video and written materials containing offer for the participants to use while the course. Viewers can also questions to Dr. Gordon, the series’ Web site to answer e-mail. Each lesson is on the exhibition website premiere, but then on the “MBL Wellness Club” Channels on YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook, available and iTunes within 48 hours. The schedule is listed below.

“A Natural Approach to the Treatment of Depression” Web Seminar Series with James S. Gordon, MD

series website with sign-up information: “A Natural Approach to the Treatment of Depression” Series Site

Lesson 1 – An overview of depression and how to Treat it with the help of a guide

Premiere Date and Time: Tuesday 18 November at 8:30 EST clock.

Key Lessons: Prescription drugs are not the only answer that people can use simple techniques to treat their condition, people should work with their doctor and a guide to help them through the process, depression is not disease but a condition in which the lives of people fall out of balance, or “stuck.” (Participants should read the excerpt from the introduction of the Unstuck Unstuck Pack.)

Lesson 2 – Relaxation / Stress Management. Premiere Date and Time: Thursday 20 November clock at 8:30 EST


Key Lessons: Stress and depression are linked, simple relaxation exercises can help the symptoms of depression, Dr. Gordon teaches a relaxation exercise. (The Unstuck Pack contains useful tools for this lesson.)

Lesson 3 – Exercise and Movement Release Date and Time: Saturday, November 22 at 6:30 EST clock. (Note time change)

Key Lessons: Physical activity can significantly improve mood, Dr. Gordon offers advice on how to start a training program, Dr. Gordon is a movement technique he has taught all over the world.

Lesson 4 – Other useful techniques and tips for participants Premiere Date and Time: Monday, November 24th at 8:30 EST Clock

Key Lessons: Dr. Gordon describes a variety of other techniques that are effective in the treatment of depression, it contains some final advice and words of encouragement for participants.

Other resources are made available

Unstuck Pack

Before the series starts to go, participants in the series’ website and download the free Unstuck Pack, which includes:

The Unstuck Workbook & Journal to the exchange rate
An audio relaxation exercise for an MP3 player
A guide to relaxation and meditation to use with practice
A follow video that visually shows the relaxation
An excerpt from the introduction to “Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-stage journey out of depression”

Series website and sign-up City: “A Natural Approach to the Treatment of Depression” Series Site

supplementary materials FOR PRESS

About James S. Gordon, MD

James S. Gordon, MD, is the founder and director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, DC. A graduate of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Gordon is clinical professor in the departments of psychiatry and family medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine and former chairman of the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy. Dr. Gordon, who became a frequent contributor to the Washington Post, The New York Times and The Atlantic, as well as leading journals at, is the author of Unstuck: Your Guide to the seven-stage journey out of depression, Manifesto for a new Medicine and the author or editor of ten other books.

Further biographical information about Dr. Gordon, visit www.jamesgordonmd.com/

medical research supports Dr. Gordon’s Approach

Gordon, James S. Staples Julie K, Blyta Afrim, Bytyqi Murat, Wilson Amy T. Treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder in postwar Kosovo’s young people with Mind-Body Skills Group: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 2008

Staples, Julie K. & Gordon, James S. “Effectiveness of a Mind-Body-training program for Health Care Professionals”. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, 2004, 11 (4): 36-41.

edited by Unstuck

“A world expert offers a practical guide to problem solving proved hope and happiness in the ashes of depression. Unstuck is superb.”

-Mehmet Oz, MD, author of the YOU guides

“Depression is not what we think it is. Ideas that are a cultural change can only be a few times in a generation. Unstuck is such an idea, the answer to one of the leading causes of disability has, until now do, had only poor solutions. Dr. James Gordon, a pioneering voice in medicine for 40 years, has provided a practical and transformative guide for the suffering millions with depression. If you find out the real causes of depression and how to cure it to read this book. ”

Mark Hyman, MD, New York Times bestselling author of UltraMetabolism

“In this extraordinary book offers, Dr. James S. Gordon, climb a pioneer in integrative medicine, practical way out of the dark psychological dungeon of depression. Both therapist and patient will greatly from reading this book.”

-Deepak Chopra, author of Third Jesus: The Christ we can not ignore

“Unstuck is truly remarkable. Dr. James S. Gordon has taken 40 years of experience in psychiatry and distilled it down to a brilliant book that can help people with depression or ordinary unhappiness and confusion. In this warm, practical and user-friendly book, Dr. Gordon great care to remind us how much power we have to change our own lives. ”

-Dean Ornish, MD, author of The Spectrum

“Using an integrative perspective and drawing on traditional wisdom, psychiatrist James Gordon guides you through a whole-person journey out of depression that the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the problem disappear, not just a possible chemical imbalance in the brain. I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels stuck. ”

-Andrew Weil, MD, author of Healthy Aging and 8 weeks of optimal health

“A Natural Approach to the Treatment of Depression” Series Site


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