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Prescription Rampage


Prescription Rampage

(PRWEB) March 29, 2005

The recent murders by Jeff Weise, a sixteen year old who killed nine people before killing himself has left the country in shock and wondering whether Prozac, Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Zoloft or any drug for ADHD is safe for our children.

Weise was raised on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Minnesota. He was a quiet boy who had suffered tremendous family loss after his father was killed in a police standoff and his mother was seriously injured in an auto accident. But what happened after Jeff was prescribed Prozac?

We have heard many theories as to the cause – trauma, guns, poverty, goth culture, even video games. And yet, the question many parents are quietly asking is whether the drugs so readily prescribed to our children are increasing the risk of school shootings. Could such a tragedy have been avoided?

These are the questions that are addressed by Label Me Sane, a California organization dedicated to raising awareness regarding the dangers of both illegal and prescription drugs. Since the shootings in Minnesota they have been inundated with requests from parents seeking safe solutions to withdraw their children safely off behavioral drugs using The Road Back – How To Get Off Drugs Safely written and developed by James L. Harper. The program has successfully tapered thousands of individuals off behavioral drugs with little to no side effects and is available at www.labelmesane.com.

Recent statistics show that 40-50% of the American public is on anti-depressants. This does not include the use of anti-psychotics, stimulants and anti-anxiety drugs, such as sleeping pills – making the total number of drugged Americans into the tens of millions. What happens when someone tries to withdraw off a behavioral drug?

Many describe the withdrawals as excruciating, terrifying and worse than the depression they were trying to treat. This is certainly nothing we want our children to suffer through. The Road Back – How To Get Off Drugs Safely is a vital solution so that parents do not have to endure watching their children undergo the horrors of withdrawal. Contact www.labelmesane.com for more information. Protect your loved ones.


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