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NCLEX Question: ARBS and Potassium



Reader Question About Antibiotic Use. What's Your Opinion?


Reader Question About Antibiotic Use. What's Your Opinion?
The organisms that tend to cause oral infections are usually still sensitive to plain penicillin, as in Penicillin VK 1000mg po BID. There is no advantage in most cases to using broader spectrum agents like amoxicillin, Augmentin or Keflex. We want to …
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question about medication?


question about medication?
i have social anxiety disorder and i’ve been holding it in from my parents for years and im sick of feeling anxious all the time but im afraid medication is going to make me do bad things, what is it like being on medication?
i dont know what kind of medication it would be..anti anxiety? ive read about something called SSRI or something like that but i dont know

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Answer by glache
There are a few options. SSRIs are the first line of treatment, i.e. they’re what everyone would be started on. The SSRIs which you’re most likely to be prescribed are fluvoxamine (Luvox), paroxetine (Paxil) or sertraline (Zoloft). Other options include clonazepam (Rivotril/Klonopin) and a very big maybe on phenelzine (Nardil). SSRI side effects include nausea, agitation, insomnia, tremor, dizziness, headache, sedation etc but nothing in terms of wild behaviour. Clonazepam will sedate you so again nothing there. Phenelzine has similar side effects to SSRIs.

Please don’t be alarmed by the list of side effects I’ve mentioned, not everyone experiences them and if they do, they’d be very unlucky to experience all of them. Hope that helped.



I’m suppose to test for pregnancy in 3 days everything was fine until few minute ago when I started bleeding a good amount of bright pink blood.
I’m on progesterone shots so I ‘m not suppose to get a period until stopping the shots…what happening, I’m so worried. I called my clinic and i suppose to get a call back from my RE.
I failed an IVF cycle before, but never got my period until a month after I took the pregnancy test…I never experienced bleeding on my failed cycle.
I took a pregnancy test and there was a very faint line.

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Answer by Karen
you’re most likely spotting if you’re on progesterone and also if you are preggo.

Answer by Sunny
I’ve had 4 IVFs and was also on progesterone and I only bled when I was getting my period and not pregnant (even though I was on the progesterone, I sitll bled). The 4th IVF when I finally got pregnant, I did not bleed at all. It sounds to me like it’s your period coming on. Like I said, I always got my period, even when I was on the progesterone.

Answer by Sicilia shines
you can still get your period when taking progesterone shot.

i hope its implantation bleeding. When doing ivf that would happen much earlier then 12dpo.

Answer by realityshowjunkie
I am so sorry you are going though this. It could be one of a few things. Are you also on suppositories? If so don’t give the bleeding a second thought as bleeding on them is very common. It could also be the blood leftover from your retrieval or implantation and that the estrace (estradiol) you are on is causing some cervical mucus and it is flushing the blood out. It is also possible that your progesterone levels are low and they need to up your dose. Though it is rare, it is possible to have breakthrough bleeding while on progesterone. In all the time I’ve answered questions here about IVF and other forums I belong to I have known 2 women to have breakthrough bleeding. With that said, I’ve have known plenty of women who after IVF had bleeding and went on to have successful pregnancies. I am hoping that you are one of them.

It is good you called your RE. Please request that you go in for an early blood test to check your progesterone levels and for pregnancy. You don’t want to go 3 more days feeling uncertain.

Sending many gentle hugs and lots of positive thoughts.

Edit: Are you at least 10 day past the trigger? If so, a line is good news. The bleeding could be a result of an embryo snuggling in or still could be low progesterone. If you are not past the 10 day mark it could be lingering hCG trigger giving you a + test.

Answer by Skadoctor1
You got a faint positive pregnancy test so, unless your trigger shot is still causing the positive test result, you are pregnant and possibly having implantation bleeding. I was on progesterone for a thin uterine lining and it didnt prevent me from bleeding and then miscarrying (they didnt catch the lining issue until after implantation had begun and it was really kinda late to try to build it up thick enough to maintain).

So, you could be spotting as implantation or, spotting because your period is coming. Im not familiar with how long trigger shots last in your system but, a pregnancy test takes at least 15 to register pregnant on an early tester (5 days sooner) or, 40 on a regular tester, if that helps.

You do need a blood test though to confirm and chart… Good luck!

Prilosec Question?


Prilosec Question?
I just started taking prilosec and now I’m incredibly thirsty all the time. My mouth also is constantly dry.

Anyone else have these symptoms? Is this normal?

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Answer by C S
I was taking Prilosec for a few years and I never noticed any increase in dry mouth or thirst. Check the Prilosec insert for side effects and see if they’re listed.