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Ask the Pharmacist – Episode Nine


Ask your pharmacist: Dupuytren begins with lumps in the palms


Ask your pharmacist: Dupuytren begins with lumps in the palms
The researchers slowed fibrogenesis with the dietary supplement called NAC (N-acetylcysteine) or ACE inhibitors (eg, lisinopril, enalapril). I think, stretching, heat, acupuncture, and red light (laser) could help in the early stages. I also learned …

How do I know if a pill from a pharmacist is me actually what I was prescribed?


How do I know if a pill from a pharmacist is me actually what I was prescribed?
I had my Allegra prescription filled at a Walgreens in my college hometown, and when I picked it up, the pill looked different than normal. I called my mother and called them and they said it should be fine. I took the pill for a few days, but it was not easing my allergies at all. Yesterday, I refilled my prescription at a CVS in my hometown, and it looked like she always did. Is there a phone number I call to see if it was in fact Allegra may, or should I just call my allergist Best Answer (s):

Reply by George P. N
it a letter of your medication needs to be. otherwise you can search the internet or go to your pharmacist and ask him

Reply becca9892003
bring on the pills in CVS and ask them .. Amount of time they give you a generic form, which is the pill different ut still look the same, but sometimes not as effective

response of restless
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reply by Troy T
there is absolutely no way to know for sure without talking to anyone. Let this be a warning. Doctors are not all smart. just as we idiots in our workforce, we have idiots in the medical field. My girlfriend went to the doctor for congestion. simple enough, right? obviously not. we got a call from the pharmacy said: “.. I’m sad that we do not fill this medication, it is not a real medicine” the pharmacist actually said it looked like the doctor just made it auf.nicht very comforting is it? but anyway, go to your pharmacist and his current medicine. if it is a wrong medicine and your the kind of person, you could probably sue. I have always said that was stupid, but hey, it’s either you or me huh? would sue them if I owed them $ 100, so why do not they sue for making a big mistake and play with your health.

Reply gummiebear
on the brochure you receive it should be a picture of the pill with a description of the color, markings on the tablet, and the name of the drug. You can always check with the pharmacist before taking. You can also try identifier.com pill taken in the physical decription of the tablet and they will give you. the name of the drug and the company that makes it

Answer by David S
You should really with the pharmacist. An error might have been made, and it must happen from time to time. If that’s the case, they need to know.

answer by K @ hli
I think you should ask your pharmacist at CVS. Walgreen has probably used a generic type. Google also generic alternative to Allegra and hit pictures and see if the pill you received appears.

answer by Lea
Generic drugs look different from different manufacturors. That Walgreens might have bought a generic CVS ​​and bought another. Fexofenadine generic version has a pink and a white generic.

Reply texjeff111
I am a pharmacist and if you ever doubt what is something that they bring to the pharmacy and ask if it is right. The other thing you can do is contact your local poison and the medicine of the numbers or letters on the tablet can be identified. The problem with taking to another company is that if it is a generic, they could not carry this brand and therefore have no idea what it is.

Reply jloertscher
such as calling the pharmacy that filled it? “…….. When confronted with the obvious somewhere else”