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Can you take Zantac while pregnant and nursing?


Can you take Zantac while pregnant and nursing?
I’m pregnant and I have heartburn, no matter what I eat. A banana, cereal, peanut butter. lol It’s horrible! Is Zantac really safe during pregnancy?

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Answer by Pregnant w/ #1 baby boy!!!

you should ask your OB for a list of things you can take or eat to lessen the heartburn.

Answer by juli
Tums or rolaids until you check with your OB or midwife. I had to stick a couple of phone books under the top part of my mattress towards the end of my last pregnancy to elevate my head and upper body when sleeping. It helped somewhat and even with meds, it will tend to get worse the farther along you are. Check with your practitioner about what antacids she suggests.

Answer by due 01/26/10
Yes it’s perfectly safe. My doctor prescribed me Zantac while I was pregnant, I was originally on Prilosec for acid reflex and they switched me over to Zantac. I would call your doctor first before starting it just to check.

Answer by Madison Faith is Due 10/22
YES!!! You can take zantac. My doctor gave me a list of safe medicine to take while pregnant, and zantac is one of those you can take.

Answer by bluegrass
Not sure, but I’m checking with my OB at my next appointment. I have the same problem. Water even gives me heartburn at this point and tums just will not do the trick anymore. Good Luck!

Can I use Afrin while nursing?


Can I use Afrin while nursing?
I also have rhinocort (sp?). Would that be better to use?

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Answer by 3rdXCharm
i know you’re not supposed to use it while pregnant, so i’d just ask the doctor in the morning.