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tylenol and motrin?


tylenol and motrin?
Is it ok to take tylenol AND motrin at the same time? I have arthritis and although the motrin helps longer term (doesnt work instantly because of its anti-inflammatory properties), the tylenol helps more with pain. Is it okay to take these around the same time?

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Answer by apollo92
i wouldn’t.
its always dangerous to mix 2 kinds of medicine.
ask your doctor to perscribe somthing stronger if the pain is unbearable.

Answer by Dianna
u can alternate them every 2 hours

Answer by kinndee
I wouldn’t take them at the same time. I would alternate them in hour intervals. Like Tylenol at 9, motrin at 11 or 12.. then tylenol at 1 or 2, etc. thats what we do at the hospital i work at with the post-op patients pain meds.

Alternating Tylenol and Motrin?


Alternating Tylenol and Motrin?
Hey ladies. Dane’s doctor’s office is closed and I can not for the life of me remember the timing when alternating Tylenol and Motrin.

Could someone please remind me?

Thank you! =)

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Answer by Blake & Bryce’s mommy
Every 2 hrs.

Answer by Christy(Lee’s Mommy)
every two hours between the two

Answer by J V
I am not a lady, but you can give a dose of tylenol then a dose of motrin 2 hours later then tylenol again 2 hours after that…making the doses of tylenol 4 hours apart….

check the temp regularly, too much tylenol or motrin is not good for n infant.

Answer by Sarah H
Every 2-3 hours.

Answer by Riyen’s Mom
Well I was at the doctor today and she told me every 4 hours. The reason for this is that tylenol lasts a good 4 hours while Motrin lasts a good 6-8 hours.

A lot of people are saying 2 hours and that seems really wild to me considering motrin is ever 6-8 hours and you’d be giving him Motrin every 4 hours.

You can always call a pharmacist to make sure, but my son has an ear infection and I went in today and they said 4.

Answer by Mrs. Janice
One of my daughter’s used to get high fevers often and her pediatrician recomended that I did this. He told me to alternate every three hours.