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Advice with psych meds? (MAOI’s)?


Advice with psych meds? (MAOI’s)?
I was on parnate years ago, and it did wonders for my depression, but the side effects were so severe I had to quit taking it. Now I’m back on it and maxed out dose wise and it’s not doing squat. I’ve tried emsam and didn’t really respond to that, either. Does anyone have experience with nardil or marplan?

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Answer by frustrated
you should really ask your pychiatrist about this as it is critical. but from what i recall in lecture, you shouldn’t mix MAOIs with cheese. though i can’t be quite sure. once again check with your psychiatrist.

Does anyone have any experience with MAOi-s?


Question by Al: Does anyone have any experience with MAOi-s?
I haven’t had continuous success with other group AD’s so this time i decided to try something that will work for certain. I knew it has to be something toxic, something industrial… so the first thing that came in my mind was the MAOi-s.

There is Parnate and Aurorix available where i live, what would you suggest? Are the food regulations really so bad: no coffee, no chees no alcohol?

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Answer by adobeprincess
Yes the food stuff is really strict. You cannot have mold, so you cannot have fruit that has mold or might have mold like berries. See if your doctor can try something else on you. If you are not seeing a psychiatrist see one. They can help you more.

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Would MAOI’s be more effective for SEVERE Social Phobia than SSRI’s?


Question by Richard: Would MAOI’s be more effective for SEVERE Social Phobia than SSRI’s?
I know there’s food restrictions and some drug interactions with MAOI’s compared to SSRI’s. But SSRI’s seem to only treat general anxiety issues, not severe social phobia. Do you think Nardil or Parnate would help with SEVERE social phobia, with no depressive symptoms.
Yes, i’ve tried SSRI’s up to 200 mg a day, with no change in social behavior.

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Answer by perfection
Wait – have you actually tried an SSRI?? I have had severe chronic housebound agoraphobia and Lexapro really helped me. I only took a small dose – less than 10mg, and it really did make a difference.

I don’t know about the MAOIs.

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