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Austin Clean Water Activist Warns of Pharmaceuticals in Fresh Water Fish


Austin Clean Water Activist Warns of Pharmaceuticals in Fresh Water Fish

Houston; Bellaire, TX (PRWEB) July 20, 2005

Texas Black Bass Unlimited’s clean water activist, Dwayne “Sparky” Anderson of Austin, warned local Rotarians of high concentrations of pharmaceuticals in area fresh water fish at a July 7 meeting of the Bellaire/SW Houston Rotary Club.

“Some fish tested are so heavily laced with drugs like Prozac and ibuprophen that eating them would be equivalent to taking a dose of those drugs,” Anderson said.

Anderson, who specializes in drinking water policy and public health advocacy, is a founding board member of SMART (Sensible Management of Aquatic Resources Team). He has served as a Federal Advisory Committee Member for the Safe Drinking Water Act, which is a national coalition of over 1 million anglers, conservationists, and public health advocates who promote protection of watersheds and natural fisheries. Currently Governmental Director for TBBU, Anderson’s responsibilities include public education and lobbying at the state and federal levels for sensible legislative responses to water quality issues.

According to Anderson, “Pharmaceuticals are not on anyone’s radar screen, and they should be.”

“Wastewater treatment plants have little or no filtering effect on drug contaminants,” he continued. “They were designed for biological and solid waste filtering, and the cost of modifying them to filter pharmaceuticals would be significant.”

Anderson also announced plans to focus budding scientific talent on the mounting challenges of fresh water biology in Texas through addition of aquatic educational facilities at area high schools. Coalition partners are currently being sought. More information regarding SMART is available at www.Smart-usa.org, and more detail regarding the new fresh-water educational program will soon be online at tbbu.org.

Bellaire / SW Houston Rotary is one of 31,000 Rotary clubs in more than 165 countries and provides humanitarian services throughout southwest Houston. More information regarding the group’s “Flags Over Bellaire” program, as well as other BSWH Rotary civic projects, may be accessed online at www.bellairesw.org.

Rotary International was founded in Chicago in 1905 as the first service organization of its kind, and its 1.2 million business and professional leaders provide humanitarian services and promote peace and goodwill around the globe. Rotary’s Centennial Celebration events and general organizational information are available online at www.rotary.org.


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