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Hashish Does Not Seem like a “Gateway Drug”, and Seems Safer than Alcohol

The concept using hashish results in using laborious narcotics and dependancy has been round virtually because the launch of the propaganda movie, Ree...


The concept using hashish results in using laborious narcotics and dependancy has been round virtually because the launch of the propaganda movie, Reefer Insanity in 1936. That idea has been questionable, to say the least – and for the previous a number of months, scientific analysis has proven that the idea of marijuana being a “gateway drug” has just about no validity in any way. In reality, analysis has discovered that states during which hashish has been legalized in a single kind or one other have decrease charges of narcotic use, significantly opiates.

A current examine from the College of Connecticut has additionally proven that in states which have legalized marijuana, gross sales of alcohol have dropped by a median of 15 %. The examine examined knowledge on 90 main liquor shops throughout the nation, gathered over a ten-year interval from Nielsen’s Retail Scanner. Based on the report,

States legalizing medical marijuana use expertise important lower within the mixture gross sales of alcohol, beer and wine. Furthermore, the results aren’t brief lived, with important reductions noticed as much as 24 months after the passage of the regulation.”

Apparently, the best decreases had been seen in gross sales of beer and wine. The pattern will not be going unnoticed by the brewing trade; Constellation Manufacturers, the third-largest producer of alcoholic drinks within the U.S., has invested over $ 190 million in Cover Development, a serious hashish producer based mostly in Canada.

In a associated story, a variety of research have additionally examined the query of whether or not alcohol or marijuana is extra dangerous. This has been a bone of competition for a while. One survey, printed in Scientific American in 2012, discovered that whereas “marijuana use might be problematic” (due to psychological dependence), it not often results in bodily dependancy – at the least by itself. Nevertheless, add tobacco into the combo, and the dependancy charge might be over 30 %.

Then again, statistics from the World Well being Group estimate that alcohol use is implicated in almost 6 % of untimely deaths across the planet yearly. That quantities to three.three million per yr, or roughly one individual each 10 seconds. That is due not solely to alcohol-related illness comparable to most cancers and cirrhosis of the liver; it consists of oblique penalties comparable to visitors accidents and the unfold of sexually-transmitted illness.

General amongst harmful medicine, alcohol ranked Quantity One, adopted by heroin and crack cocaine, when it comes to dependancy and dangerous well being results. Then again, research have demonstrated marijuana to be comparatively innocuous; authors of a paper printed in 2015 within the Journal of Psychopharmacology really helpful that governments and lawmakers focus their drug coverage on “medicine with the best total hurt, together with alcohol and tobacco.” The paper additionally really helpful that drug insurance policies ought to strategy drug dependancy as a well being problem slightly than a legal one.

In the meantime, nations and states during which marijuana continues to be unlawful are spending billions of to implement these antiquated legal guidelines – whereas people who have legalized hashish are reaping financial advantages and revel in considerably decrease charges of dependancy to extra harmful substances.

Off-Label Baclofen Use for Alcohol Use Problems: Is it Efficient?


February 26, 2018

Researchers have called the current increasing use of baclofen as an AUD treament, 'premature'

Researchers have referred to as the present rising use of baclofen as an AUD treament, ‘untimely’

The rising off-label use of baclofen as a remedy for alcohol use issues (AUDs) could also be “untimely,” in accordance with a meta-analysis revealed in Dependancy.

Baclofen, a GABA-B agonist, has been used to deal with spasticity related to a number of sclerosis (MS) and spinal twine damage or illness. In comparison with presently permitted remedies for AUDs, baclofen is excreted primarily by the kidneys which can be advantageous for sufferers with alcohol-related liver illness who can’t tolerate the permitted therapies. 

Earlier medical trials have in contrast baclofen and placebo on varied drink-related outcomes (eg, abstinence charge, variety of heavy consuming days or abstinent days) however measuring different outcomes could assist clarify its mechanism of motion in AUDs, together with recognized danger components for dangerous consuming. To find out the efficacy of baclofen in decreasing consuming habits, craving, despair, and anxiousness, College of Liverpool researchers performed a meta-analysis on randomized-controlled trials. 

A complete of 12 trials evaluating baclofen with placebo had been included (N=590). The research included information on not less than 1 of the first (consuming associated: heavy consuming days, abstinent days, abstinence charges) or secondary (craving, anxiousness, despair) consequence measures.

Information confirmed a major impact on abstinence charges with the usage of baclofen (odds ratio [OR] 2.67, 95% CI: 1.03, 6.93) however no different important results on remedy efficacy (heavy consuming days SMD -Zero.26, 95% CI: -Zero.68, Zero.15) or mechanism of motion (craving SMD: -Zero.13, 95% CI: -Zero.36, Zero.09) had been seen. No superior impact was seen for baclofen use on rising variety of abstinent days or decreasing heavy consuming, craving, anxiousness or despair. 

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Research creator Dr. Andy Jones, added, “This new meta-analysis reveals that baclofen is not any simpler than placebo on a variety of key consequence measures, suggesting that the present rising use of baclofen as a remedy for alcohol use issues is untimely.”

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Can You Drink Alcohol While Taking Lisinopril?


can you drink alcohol whilst taking omeprazole?


can you drink alcohol whilst taking omeprazole?
i take 20mg of omeprazole twice a day and was just wondering if i can drink alcohol because it doesnt say anything on the information that comes with it ??

Best answer(s):

Answer by oldtimekid2
If it doesn’t say, it typically doesn’t matter. I don’t see why a proton pump inhibitor would have an impact from alcohol, although digestion of it may be inhibited by the Omeprazole (after all, you need stomach acid to digest your food). However, I would ask your doctor or pharmacist to be on the safe side… better to be safe than sorry. Good luck and I hope I helped!

Answer by pinkieme
theres only one way to find out

Answer by Psychobenzaprine

Answer by Rhianna does Medicine Year 1
Yes you can, there is no interaction between PPIs and alcohol.

FYI..if there is a direct interaction, it will always state it on the patient information leaflet that comes with your drug.

Lisinopril and Alcohol?


Lisinopril and Alcohol?
I recently started taking Lisinopril for moderately high blood pressure. 5mg daily.

These last few days I have attended social events where alcohol was present. After 2-3 beers I found myself feeling light headed and dizzy. Due to this side effect I don’t plan to drink any more on this medication.

However is there a chance I could have done any permanant damage by drinking and taking lisinopril?

Best answer(s):

Answer by Lillyflower
Of all people you picked Chuck Norris to be your alias. Oh, how could you? Hes a good guy. Anyways, Cardinal Rule.. You don’t mix prescriptions with Alcohol PERIOD! That is not a safe thing to do at all. If your not careful, because your an Older Individual you could spike your blood pressure and cause an induced Cardiac Arrhythmia or a on set of a Heart Attack. Stop Drinking with drugs… Or really bad things could happen ! =(

Answer by bandit_60
i take the same thing too and you don,t want to mix alcohol and drugs together because it can cause an reaction.

Answer by SZO
It is not advisable to drink alcohol while on lisinopril as it further lower your blood pressure and may increase some of the side effects of lisinopril.

As for long-term effects on taking alcohol with this medication, there was no report yet, however you don’t know what the long-term effects would be, avoid combining both as much as possible.