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Carie Boyd’s Compounding Pharmacy Retracts Statements Made in “Rapid-Dissolve Viagra” Press Release

Posted in Viagra on 11th February 2009

Carie Boyd’s Compounding Pharmacy Retracts Statements Made in “Rapid-Dissolve Viagra” Press Release

Hurst, TX (PRWEB) April 22, 2010

Carie Boyd’s Compounding Pharmacy wishes to retract all of the statements about Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) and Viagra that appeared in a news release on April 15, 2010 entitled “Rapid-Dissolve ViagraВ® Now Available from Carie Boyd’s Compounding Pharmacy.” The information included in the press release was distributed without the knowledge or consent of PCCA or Pfizer (the pharmaceutical company that manufactures and distributes ViagraВ®) and Carie Boyd’s Compounding Pharmacy encourages anyone who has read the previous release to disregard all references to both PCCA and ViagraВ®. Carie Boyd’s Compounding Pharmacy values its continued professional relationships with PCCA and Pfizer and sincerely apologizes for any confusion or distress the release may have caused.В В В В 

About Carie Boyd’s Compounding Pharmacy

Carie Boyd’s Compounding Pharmacy provides customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with customized compounded prescription medications and high-quality nutritional supplements that meet their specific health and wellness needs. Find out more about Carie Boyd’s Compounding Pharmacy at http://www.carieboyd.com.



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Count on Konica Minolta for Award-Winning Technologies at GRAPH EXPO

Posted in Allegra on 8th February 2009

bizhub PRESS C8000

Ramsey, N.J. (Vocus) September 27, 2010

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta), a leading provider of advanced imaging and networking technologies for the desktop to the print shop, today announced the company will highlight the newest and most innovative production print technologies at 2010 GRAPH EXPO in Chicago, Ill. on October 3-6, 2010.

Of special note to media and analyst attendees, Konica Minolta will host a press conference at 11a CT on Monday, October 4, at McCormick Place South to discuss the following technologies – all of which will be featured at the Konica Minolta Booth #2244 throughout the show:

bizhub® PRESS C8000 – The flagship of Konica Minolta’s next-generation line of color digital presses, this new product combines stable, high-resolution output with uncompromised full-color quality at fast speeds of 80 pages per minute (ppm). The bizhub PRESS C8000 has already been deemed an award-winner for its innovative technologies including a “Best of Show” Award at the 2010 ON DEMAND Conference and Exposition in the Color Digital Printing Equipment category.

bizhub PRO C65hc – This color digital press incorporates innovative toner technology, enabling it to produce an unprecedented spectrum of color, and cater to graphics professionals and print shops that require higher-quality output.

bizhub PRO 1200 – This 120 monochrome ppm system was designed exclusively for production print professionals, and features in-line finishing options and an energy-saving design.

New Product Introductions – Konica Minolta will unveil a new series of color digital presses designed to strengthen our market-leading position in the production print arena and enhance print professionals’ return on investment (ROI).

Printgroove – In light production printing, CRD and small- to mid-sized print shop applications, Printgroove® is the key to greater output power and increased satisfaction for customers and corporate clients. It can accept input in any format, including text, graphics, photos, even presentations and multimedia. And it can be configured to fit your workflow like a glove, handling rising traffic volume and accommodating as many printing steps and stations as your business processes demand.

Third Party Offerings – Konica Minolta will showcase a number of application solutions developed with Third Party Partners, and designed to enhance customers’ production workflow. Among the companies to be featured in the Konica Minolta Booth are CREO, EFI, Objectif Lune, and RSA.

Konica Minolta’s Business Development Program – This offering provides Konica Minolta customers with access to powerful educational tools including white papers, videos, webinars, and ROI calculators that will help them develop innovative digital business strategies, launch new digital applications, and learn from customer success stories.

Latest Spectrodensitometer Technology – When it comes to color, light and shape measurement – the world looks to Konica Minolta. Our colleagues at Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, the worldwide leader in the industrial measurement of color, light and shape, will unveil its new FD-Series Spectrodensitometers and COLIBRI® color matching software to the digital imaging market.

“Our customers want strategic, cutting-edge partners that help them successfully navigate through competitive graphic communications markets,” said Kevin Kern, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. “They are able to count on Konica Minolta to provide them with the right technology, the right workflow, and the right business development tools to be successful. We invite all attendees to stop by the Konica Minolta Booth at GRAPH EXPO and learn how you too can count on Konica Minolta for all of your digital printing needs.”

Witness Konica Minolta in action at GRAPH EXPO 2010 (October 3 through October 6) at McCormick Place South in Chicago, Illinois. To schedule a personal tour of the Konica Minolta Booth (#2244), reserve a spot at the Konica Minolta Press Conference, and/or an executive interview, please contact Rachel Reed at Rachel(dot)Reed(at)kmbs(dot)konicaminolta(dot)us.

About Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. is a leader in advanced imaging and networking technologies for the desktop to the print shop. In 2009, Konica Minolta was named Supplier of the Year by both the Allegra Network and the National Association of Quick Printers (NAQP), as well as received the Sales Support Award from Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. Follow Konica Minolta on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Konica Minolta Contact

Rachel Reed

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.

Konica Minolta is a registered trademark of Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. bizhub and Printgroove are registered trademarks of Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.


Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Volunteers to Hold 50 Fundraising Events Nationwide this Fall to Raise Funds for SMA Research.

Posted in Tetracycline on 6th February 2009

Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Volunteers to Hold 50 Fundraising Events Nationwide this Fall to Raise Funds for SMA Research.

Elk Grove Village, IL (PRWEB) September 16, 2010

In September and October, all over the United States, volunteers come together to raise funds for Spinal Muscular Atrophy research and patient support programs. These events include the FSMA’s signature Walk-n-Roll, golf outings, fun comedy nights, community garage sales and more. Over 10,000 people will attend these events across the nation. FSMA hopes to raise $ 1 Million in this short time. Funds raised will be used to support the leading research programs directed by FSMA to develop a treatment and cure for SMA, and fund important support programs for families and critical patient care.

FSMA welcomes new volunteers and communities each year to help aid in this important fundraising effort. These yearly fundraising events make a profound difference in SMA research, in the local communities and to families everywhere affected by SMA.

Click here to see a full list of the events.


Click here to see an events calendar.


Event volunteers raise funds on their own, or join or lead a team. FSMA has substantial support available for these events, including the experience, tools and materials to help make local events a success.

Families of SMA Programs:

With volunteer support FSMA has funded over $ 50 million dollars to date directly to SMA research, including five new therapeutic development programs specifically for SMA: The FSMA Stem Cell program; The FSMA Quinazoline program; The FSMA Paratek Tetracycline program; and then more recently, the ISIS Oligos program and the OSU Gene Therapy program. FSMA funded five clinical trials with existing drugs that have potential to treat SMA and funded the entire Project Cure clinical trial network. The FSMA research funding model was created on independent research and expert medical evaluations to recommend specific projects to fund.

Families of SMA is a not-for-profit organization involved in remarkable programs in many areas. In addition to important medical research, FSMA funds critical family support and patient care programs. This includes sending information, care packages and much-needed medical equipment to families affected by SMA. FSMA has also coordinated and hosted the Annual SMA Conference for 22 years. It is the largest conference in the world for those affected by SMA.

Support Local FSMA Fundraising Events:

FSMA research and family support programs are funded through grassroots fundraising efforts. It is because of SMA families and their supporters that FSMA has been able to mark the incredible progress that they have in research and family support.

If a community or group in your area is interested in having an FSMA fundraiser, FSMA can lend the support, tools, materials and encouragement to help make the event a success. FSMA supplies banners, yard signs, flyers, donation cards, bracelets and much more. Call FSMA directly for information: (800) 886-1762 or email, fundraising(at)fsma(dot)org.

About Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy:

FSMA is dedicated to creating a treatment and cure by: Funding and advancing a comprehensive research program; Supporting SMA families through networking, information and services; Improving care for all SMA patients; Educating health professionals and the public about SMA; Enlisting government support a; Embracing all touched by SMA in a caring community.

Contact Information:

Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Phone (800) 886-1762

Fax (847) 367-7623

Email info(at)fsma(dot)org



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Botulinum Toxin Poised for Heady Growth; Sales to Exceed US$2.1 Billion by 2010, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Posted in Norvasc on 5th February 2009

San Jose, California (PRWEB) July 9, 2007 –

The world botulinum toxin market for is estimated at US$ 1.08 billion in 2006 and is poised to reach US$ 2.1 billion by 2010, according to a recently released research, report from Global Industry Analysts, Inc. The US constitutes the largest market for Botulinum Toxin and is forecast to maintain its dominating position through 2010. Though Therapeutic Applications of Botulinum Toxin account for the larger share and will continue to do so through 2010, Cosmetic Applications of Botulinum Toxin are projected to forecast faster growth.

Contrary to the fact that botulinum toxin is highly poisonous, it is a major part of aesthetic surgery and treatments. It prevents communication between muscles and nerves thereby paralyzing or weakening muscles. Botulinum toxin is widely used in cosmetic treatment for facial wrinkles and frown lines as well as to cure muscle spasms. However, large doses of the toxin can cause food poisoning, and paralyze the muscles that control breathing, resulting in respiratory arrest. Botulinum toxin has an action on motor end plates of skeletal muscle. It also works on sympathetic smooth muscle and sweat glands to prevent underarm sweating. Botulinum stops the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter essential to start contraction of muscle.

Advancements in the biological science have drastically revolutionized medicinal use of botulinum toxin domain. Botulinum toxin in cosmetic applications, especially, has made huge strides over the past few years. Growth is largely driven by consumers’ high disposable income, and social acceptance of aesthetic practices. Botulinum toxin effect lasts for about 3 to 6 months and necessitates patients to repeat the procedure in order to retain cosmetic effects, offering a sustained revenue source for the toxin manufacturers. In therapeutic area, botulinum toxin use is driven by escalating incidence of movement disorders and growing number of patients with muscle spasms. Further, the new clinical indications of botulinum toxin such as nystagmus, stridor, palatal myoclonus, scoliosis, co-spasms following brachial plexus lesions (birth related), and gait freezing (Parkinson), are likely to contribute for product growth. Other factors such as growing awareness of people, ad-campaigns, financial aids and product accessibility are further likely to propel the use botulinum toxin in both therapeutic and cosmetic space.

Combination therapy is expected to be the next business model for botulinum toxin. This is mainly due to the growing interest of large pharmaceutical companies to extend the patent period of their blockbuster drugs and gain entry into the potential botulinum toxin market. These companies are more focused to combine the use of botulinum toxin with their medical and cosmetic therapies. For instance, combinations in therapeutic areas include focal dystonia (combining botulinum toxin with Norvasc), migraine prevention and treatment (combining botulinum toxin with oral medications for acute therapy as a treatment regimen) and many other potential therapeutic categories. Combination therapy is also increasingly adopted in the non-surgical cosmetic segment to meet patient expectations. Initiatives such as co-branding and strategic alliances with other participants are expected strategies from players to minimize marketing costs and maximize product penetration.

Leading companies covered in the report include Allergan, Inc, Ipsen Group, Metabiologics Inc, Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Mentor Corporation and Solstice Neurosciences, Inc. Allergan, Inc., California-based biotech company, dominates the global botulinum toxin market with its BotoxВ® product line. Botox is the world’s largest selling botulinum type A toxin indicated for various diseases ranging from neuromuscular disorders and facial aesthetic procedures to pain management. Botox is currently used for over 100 cosmetic and therapeutic indications, and is approved by related authorities in more than 75 countries for 20 indications. It is marketed as BotoxВ®, BotoxВ® Cosmetic, VistabelВ® or VistabexВ® according to the country of approval. It is also approved for treatment of glabellar lines in more than 30 countries worldwide. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Botox is the largest non-surgical cosmetic procedure, highly preferred by both men and women.

For more details about this research program, please visit www.strategyR.com/MCP-1833.asp.

About Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) is a reputed publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Founded in 1987, the company is globally recognized as one of the world’s largest market research publishers. The company employs over 700 people worldwide and publishes more than 880 full-scale research reports each year. Additionally, the company also offers a range of over 60,000 smaller research products including company reports, market trend reports, and industry reports encompassing all major industries worldwide.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Telephone 408-528-9966

Fax 408-528-9977

Email press @ StrategyR.com

Web Site www.StrategyR.com


M5 Networks Announced Edison Venture Completed Follow-on Investment to Support Growth of NYC-based VOIP Communications Leader

Posted in Allegra on 4th February 2009

M5 Networks Announced Edison Venture Completed Follow-on Investment to Support Growth of NYC-based VOIP Communications Leader

M5 Networks

New York, NY (Vocus) December 9, 2008

M5 Networks announced Edison Venture Fund completed their $ 1.4 million follow-on investment bringing the cumulative investment to $ 8 million. Milestone Venture Partners and Greycroft participated in this financing. The use of proceeds will expand sales, marketing, client support and product development.

M5 provides small and medium sized businesses with Voice as a Service. This high-end Voice over IP hosted phone system avoids the expense, maintenance and obsolescence of on-premise phone systems. Multiple offices, remote office workers, telecommuters and road warriors are brought together seamlessly.

“Edison’s experience and network are invaluable resources,” observed Dan Hoffman, CEO of M5. Joe Allegra, General Partner, and Bill Wagner, Edison Director Network member, serve on the board of directors. Wagner is the Chief Marketing Officer of Vocus (NASDAQ: VOCS) and former Chief Marketing Officer of Fiberlink, both successful Edison investments. “M5’s domain expertise outpaces the competition,” commented Joe Allegra. “The company’s strong renewals and new clients are accelerating growth,” noted Tom Vander Schaaff, Vice President of Analysis, who led the diligence process.

About Edison Venture Fund

Established in 1986, Edison partners with entrepreneurs, service providers and other financing sources to build successful companies. Edison provides capital and value-added services to expansion stage ($ 5 to 20 million revenue), information technology businesses. Initial investments range from $ 5 to 8 million. Edison typically serves as a sole or lead investor in financings up to $ 10 million. In addition to providing expansion capital, Edison funds management buyouts, recapitalizations, spinouts and secondary stock purchases.

Edison’s investment professionals are based in Lawrenceville, NJ, McLean, VA, New York, NY, Needham, MA and West Chester, PA. Industry specialties include application software, communications, financial technology, interactive marketing, healthcare & pharmaceutical IT. Edison’s successes include Axent, Best Software, Dendrite, E-Transport, Gain Capital, MathSoft, Princeton Financial, VirtualEdge and many other information technology leaders, which have a combined market value exceeding $ 5 billion. Edison currently has $ 550 million under management and is actively making new investments. www.edisonventure.com

Edison has financed and guided over 31 companies specializing in communications. Active investments include Exclaim, Fiberlink, Innovectra, Fishbowl, Logic Tree, Tangoe and Telarix. Successful communication exits include DSET, Eastern Telelogic, EIS, Insoft, Netegrity, Tylink, Visual Networks and VSpan. Edison has invested in 13 New York-based companies including Correctnet, eChalk, Edgetrade, FinePoint, Giant Realm, Operative , Pinnacle Taxx and SmartAnalyst.

About M5 Networks

M5 Networks is the leader of “Voice as a Service,” a breakthrough solution for business phone communications. M5 Networks allows clients to acquire phone system capabilities as an on-demand, managed service over an IP network optimized for voice. M5 serves a rapidly growing base of mid-sized businesses. Our solution is distinguished by rich capabilities and unmatched service that one would expect from an industry leader.

M5 Networks provides business-strength Voice-over-IP phone systems, delivered as a disaster-proof Internet-based hosted service. M5’s delivery model facilitates the rapid deployment of advanced phone system functionality and drives a consistent voice experience as businesses become increasingly dispersed, malleable and 24/7. M5’s simple pricing model offers companies a low cost-of-entry to a feature set that has traditionally required large capital expenditure and dedicated IT resources. Customers offload phone system support and maintenance hassles to M5’s experts. As an Internet-based application, M5’s voice platform frees all voice-related data and commands to mash with other applications, driving business intelligence, improving customer service, and enhancing enterprise application effectiveness. M5 has over 850 customers, numerous industry awards and recognitions, and is headquartered in New York City.

M5 Networks has received considerable recognition and was ranked 2,065 in the 2008 Inc. 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies, awarded product of the year 2008 for Sales Engine feature and given the Excellence Aware by Internet Telephony Magazine. To learn more about M5, please visit “Voice as a Service”

M5 Networks Contact:

Ashley McNeff


amcneff @ m5net.com


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