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Tiny Nasal Polyps can become a Huge Problem for Millions

Posted in Flonase on 3rd December 2008

Tiny Nasal Polyps can become a Huge Problem for Millions

Albany, NY (PRWEB) December 20, 2004

Annual estimates show nearly 40 million Americans suffer from bacterial Sinusitis; 35 million from Allergic Rhinitis; and another 60 million experience chronic sleep problems related to their sinuses. Aside from the sheer number of sufferers, these three conditions also have one tiny thing in common – Nasal Polyps. Whether caused by the disease, or (as a cause of the disease), nasal polyps appear in all three conditions more often than not – even when those little polyps go undetected.

Nasal Polyps are small “sac like” growths filled with mucous that usually originate near the Ethmoid sinuses close to the inside top of the nose, (the area we usually massage when we experience sinus pain and pressure). Nasal Polyps can go un-noticed for years until eventually they grow large enough to obstruct the open areas in and around the sinuses. Although researchers aren’t sure exactly what role polyps play in the world of sinus problems, it’s well accepted that larger formations of polyps can lead to chronic sinus infections, allergies, and possibly headaches.

There are four different pairs of sinuses (the Frontal, Ethmoid, Maxillary, and Sphenoid), each playing an important role in the transfer and filtration of our most precious nutrient, “Oxygen”. In fact, the sinuses are perhaps our last defense against dangerous environmental irritants that can damage chemical patterns within the body thus creating allergies, headaches, and possibly (in this author’s opinion), various autoimmune diseases.

The relationship between nasal polyps and various sinus diseases is largely unknown, but many researchers believe there is a connection since the majority of affected patients do suffer from a combination of symptoms. The main problem is that specialists aren’t quite certain if polyps are a symptom, or a cause of sinus diseases – or as many researchers are beginning to believe, a combination of both.

Traditionally, ENTs and Otolaryngologists, (the predominant physicians specializing in polyp related conditions) have prescribed steroid nasal sprays to relieve inflammation, but most patients end up in surgery when the polyps grow too large to control. After surgery, physicians once again prescribe a strategic program of steroid nasal sprays, but to what end nobody’s certain.

In fact, steroid based nasal sprays appear to be largely ineffective against the re-growth of polyps in post surgical patients, and although they do shrink inflammation, steroids may also promote the growth of polyps over extended periods of time. Therefore within a couple years after surgery, most patients end up back under the knife, and the process becomes a “painful revolving door” of sorts.

For decades, researchers have been looking for ways to combat the growth and re-growth of nasal polyps, but even the most promising of treatments have turned out to be a bust. Then came the recent discoveries associated with a natural substance found in hot peppers known as “Capsaicin”. In particular, a study conducted by the Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital of Shanghai Medical University in China found capsaicin to be highly effective against the re-growth of post-surgical nasal polyps.

According to Wayne Perry, president of SiCap Industries (makers of the world’s first and only capsaicin nasal spray), there’s also a plethora of anecdotal evidence showing capsaicin to be highly effective against nasal polyps in more than 80% of regular users.

“With more than five thousand customers claiming to suffer from nasal polyps we’ve seen incredible results. In our estimates, at least seven or as much as eight out of every ten people who’ve experienced multiple re-growths of polyps have not had the same re-growth for more than a year while using sinus buster. Those results are phenomenal,” says Perry.

Perry admits his company data has nowhere near the credibility of government supported clinical trials. Nonetheless he’s more than happy to present hundreds of printed emails from customers praising Sinus Buster as their “sinus savior”. Included are numerous physicians who not only recommend the product to their patients, but also offer public testimonials praising Sinus Buster as a “true blue” sinus, allergy, and headache breakthrough.

Bob Freese, a research scientist in Missouri has had two separate sinus surgeries to remove polyps. Not only has he suffered from asthma and chronic sinusitis for years, but Freese also lost his sense smell thanks to complications of Hyposmia also largely due to his polyps.

“I’ve tried a gambit of nasal sprays and rinses including Flonase, with little success in treating my symptoms of hyponosmia and congestion. The most successful course of treatment for the last 5-7 years has been oral corticosteroids. These have reduced swelling in my sinuses, but with serious side effects. I recently purchased a bottle of sinus buster spray and began using it. Within two days I could smell again. It was the first time I could smell in months. I must say I’m impressed,” writes Freese.

Several medical researchers are evaluating Sinus Buster as an alternative to both (pre & post) surgical steroid nasal sprays. The hope is that this unlikely cure may actually be the “real deal” when it comes to preventing and controlling nasal polyps associated with chronic Sinusitis, Rhintitis, and related conditions.

The management at SiCap Industries is hoping to find a medical university willing to back proper clinical trials since the costs can be in the millions of dollars. SiCap’s president thinks it’s only a matter of time before one of the big medical universities, or one of the big pharmaceutical companies designs a program focused around Sinus Buster.

“We’ve gotten calls and emails from quite a few researchers looking to establish trials and partnerships. And we’re talking everything from sinus problems to migraine headaches. We’re considering offers as they come, and we’re hoping to find a group willing to foot the bill to do it right. It’s all about investment. We sell thousands of sinus busters every week, but we’re a small microbrewer and we don’t have anywhere near the money of the big pharmaceuticals. What we do have though….is the biggest sinus and headache breakthrough ever, and it’s all natural. SiCap may be small, but we’re also miles ahead of the pack,” boasts Perry.

To find out more about Sinus Buster hot pepper (Capsaicin) nasal spray, visit the official website at (www.sinusbuster.com). Sinus Buster samples and information kits are available for qualified media and medical personnel upon request. Wayne Perry is also available for interviews with qualified media.



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Posted in Claritin on 2nd December 2008

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eDrugSearch.com Accepts Granville Pharmacy into the eDrugSearch.com Directory of Safe and Licensed Online Pharmacies

Posted in Accupril on 30th November 2008

eDrugSearch.com Accepts Granville Pharmacy into the eDrugSearch.com Directory of Safe and Licensed Online Pharmacies

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) March 15, 2007

eDrugSearch.com, a free search engine and online community for Americans interested in purchasing safe, low-cost prescription drugs from prescreened Canadian pharmacies and other prescreened international pharmacies, announced that is has accepted Granville Pharmacy into its pharmacy directory. In accepting Granville Pharmacy into its directory, eDrugSearch.com has added the pharmacy’s inventory of prescription medications into the eDrugSearch.com database.

“Because Granville Pharmacy is properly licensed and meets eDrugSearch.com’s standards of quality and professionalism in online pharmacies, we have accepted its inventory of prescription medications into the eDrugSearch.com database,” said Cary Byrd, president of eDrugSearch.com.

With more than 30,000 drug listings, eDrugSearch.com brings together licensed and accredited pharmacies from around the world in one comprehensive, easy-to-use database. The pharmacy page for Granville Pharmacy is located at the following url: http://www.edrugsearch.com/pharmacies/granville-pharmacy.html.

While many Americans are interested in Canadian pharmacies or other international pharmacies as a means of saving money on their prescriptions, they are often concerned about whether they can trust the quality and safety of the prescription medications they find online.

eDrugSearch.com addresses these concerns by only accepting online pharmacies in the eDrugSearch.com database that pass a rigorous prescreening process — including proof of home-country government licensing and third-party accreditations.

eDrugSearch.com expects to increase online prescription drug listings in the eDrugSearch.com database to 100,000 later this year — making it easily the most comprehensive resource of its kind.

Additionally, eDrugSearch.com offers up-to-the-minute price search, extensive information on drugs and medical conditions and other features that make it the most advanced destination for online pharmacy consumers. Consumers can register for a free membership with eDrugSearch.com at the following url: http://www.edrugsearch.com/members/register-member.php.

Popular medications available through the eDrugSearch.com database include:

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… along with thousands of other listings.

About eDrugSearch.com

Based in San Antonio, eDrugSearch.com is the Internet destination for those seeking the cost benefits, enhanced privacy and convenience of ordering prescription medications online from licensed international pharmacies, primarily in Canada. eDrugSearch.com’s advanced search features allow members to identify pharmacies with specific licensing requirements and third-party accreditations. eDrugSearch.com is an impassioned advocate for consumers interested in lower drug prices. Visit the company’s Web site at www.eDrugSearch.com or the eDrugSearch Blog at www.edrugsearch.com/edsblog .


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Wall Street Journal Declares Maureen Taylor “Nation’s Foremost Historical Photo Detective”

Posted in Claritin on 29th November 2008

Wall Street Journal Declares Maureen Taylor “Nation’s Foremost Historical Photo Detective”

Westwood, Massachusetts (PRWEB) October 15, 2007

In its Oct. 12, 2007, edition, the Wall Street Journal featured photo-identification expert Maureen Taylor on the front page of the Weekend Journal. The article calls Ms. Taylor “the nation’s foremost historical photo detective,” highlighting her unique ability to identify people, places, and dates of photos based on small details such as hairstyles, clothing, objects, and backgrounds. View the full article online at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB119214969916756801.html.

As genealogy has become an obsession for millions of Americans over the past decade, “Ms. Taylor and a handful of other detectives are filling a growing niche in the genealogy business: dating and identifying the subjects of photographs,” the article says. Individuals from across the nation submit images via her website, PhotoDetective.com www.photodetective.com, and by mail, seeking Ms. Taylor’s help revealing names, ages, and stories behind mysterious family photographs. In 10 years, the photo historian has tackled 10,000 images, notes the Wall Street Journal article.

“She is sought out by collectors, historians and even TV producers to weigh in on controversies,” the article says.

Her passion for photography and genealogy resulted in Ms. Taylor researching Meredith Vieira’s family tree for a segment of The View and Timberly Whitfield’s family for Hallmark’s New Morning Show. In addition, she’s provided expert insights in numerous television, radio, and print media interviews include Better Homes & Gardens, The Boston Globe, Claritin’s Moment of Clarity, Creative Memories Lasting Moments, Dear Myrtle, DIY:Scrapbooking, Life Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, MSNBC, PBS Ancestors, and Satisfaction Magazine. Her interviews, books, and articles reach millions each month.

“It’s a huge honor to be featured so prominently in the Wall Street Journal. I hope it brings more attention to the importance of preserving and identifying family photo collections,” says Ms. Taylor. “A family photograph collection is more than a random collection of images; each one is a story worth saving.”

To get started, check out Ms. Taylor’s free online resources for those interested in learning more about old photographs:

В В В В Watch and listen a video slideshow of Ms. Taylor solving three examples of family photo mysteries at www.photodetective.com/example_photo_detective_cases.htm.
В В В В Submit a photo-related question to Ms. Taylor and see if she can shed some light on the answer at www.PhotoDetective.com/ask_photo_detective.htm.
В В В В Test your photo IQ with her weekly photo-related trivia Q&A at www.PhotoDetective.com/photo_trivia.htm.
В В В В Discover resources and tips to get children excited about genealogy at her new website, FamilyHistoryKids.com.

Contact: Maureen Taylor

Phone: (781) 492-4354

Email: mtaylor @ taylorandstrong.com


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Don?t Get SAD in the Winter — Brighten Your Mood With Full Spectrum Lighting

Posted in Zoloft on 28th November 2008

Don’t Get SAD in the Winter — Brighten Your Mood With Full Spectrum Lighting

(PRWEB) January 24, 2006

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of the #1-ranked natural health website Mercola.com, up to 12 million Americans suffer from SAD or seasonal affective disorder – but don’t have to. This medically recognized mood disorder is an episodic depression that affects people primarily during the winter months due to a lack of sunlight. Although many SAD sufferers, or those with the milder “winter blues,” are handed prescriptions for antidepressant medications, Dr. Mercola wants victims of these light deficiency maladies to be aware of a safe and effective non-drug treatment option for these winter maladies: full spectrum lights.

First, a little background on the problem. Symptoms of seasonal affective disorder vary from person to person. They can include feelings of hopelessness, despair, irritability and fatigue, weight gain, excessive eating or food cravings (especially for sweets or carbs), oversleeping, social withdrawal and loss of interest in sex or other activities. In some individuals, SAD symptoms may become quite serious and disabling. Milder degrees of these symptoms commonly affect those with the winter blues.

Dr. Mercola believes that natural sunlight exposure is absolutely crucial to everyone’s overall health and well-being. Sunlight is the key to controlling our metabolism, hormone production, reproductive function, internal clock or circadian rhythm and our moods. The fact that SAD and the winter blues come on when the days begin to darken and sunlight is scare is not coincidental. Rather, it is biological: the human equivalent of hibernation.

Serotonin, the brain hormone associated with mood elevation, rises with exposure to bright light, and falls with decreased sun exposure. Conversely, the hormone melatonin increases with decreased light, which explains that tired feeling that comes on when it begins to get dark outside — even if it is only 4 o’clock in the afternoon on a winter’s day.

Dr. Mercola’s top recommendation for dealing with SAD or the winter blues without resorting to Prozac, Zoloft or other pricey prescription drugs with potential side effects is to use full spectrum lighting in the home and office. He notes that the prevalence of SAD pioneered the discovery of an effective treatment method in the form of full spectrum light therapy, also known as phototherapy. A number of scientific studies have found that the effectiveness of full spectrum light therapy is comparable to the use of antidepressant drug therapy for mood disorders. But rather than having to use specialized “light boxes,” Dr. Mercola now recommends just trading in your ordinary light bulbs for full spectrum light bulbs.

Full spectrum lights offer all the health benefits of natural balanced sunlight — indoors. This type of full spectrum light therapy can help trick the brain into thinking it is spring or summer, even when it is snowing or blowing outside. Dr. Mercola cautions readers that many lights purported to be full spectrum are not really full spectrum at all. True full spectrum light must contain a complete spectrum of color, as well as infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths.

In addition to the use of full spectrum lighting, other recommendations from Dr. Mercola, bestselling author of The Total Health Plan, include:

1. Getting adequate exercise, which has been clinically shown to decrease depressive symptoms.

2. Taking a high-quality source of omega-3 fatty acids, also shown to have a beneficial value in treating depression.

3. Avoiding sugar and grains, which increase depression.

4. Optimizing your diet by learning your specific metabolic type, to determine the foods you need to be eating in their correct amounts.

For further information, Dr. Mercola encourages readers to take advantage of a free Full Spectrum Special Report at http://store.mercola.com/light.

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