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tylenol and motrin?


tylenol and motrin?
Is it ok to take tylenol AND motrin at the same time? I have arthritis and although the motrin helps longer term (doesnt work instantly because of its anti-inflammatory properties), the tylenol helps more with pain. Is it okay to take these around the same time?

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Answer by apollo92
i wouldn’t.
its always dangerous to mix 2 kinds of medicine.
ask your doctor to perscribe somthing stronger if the pain is unbearable.

Answer by Dianna
u can alternate them every 2 hours

Answer by kinndee
I wouldn’t take them at the same time. I would alternate them in hour intervals. Like Tylenol at 9, motrin at 11 or 12.. then tylenol at 1 or 2, etc. thats what we do at the hospital i work at with the post-op patients pain meds.

Alternating Tylenol and Motrin?


Alternating Tylenol and Motrin?
Hey ladies. Dane’s doctor’s office is closed and I can not for the life of me remember the timing when alternating Tylenol and Motrin.

Could someone please remind me?

Thank you! =)

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Answer by Blake & Bryce’s mommy
Every 2 hrs.

Answer by Christy(Lee’s Mommy)
every two hours between the two

Answer by J V
I am not a lady, but you can give a dose of tylenol then a dose of motrin 2 hours later then tylenol again 2 hours after that…making the doses of tylenol 4 hours apart….

check the temp regularly, too much tylenol or motrin is not good for n infant.

Answer by Sarah H
Every 2-3 hours.

Answer by Riyen’s Mom
Well I was at the doctor today and she told me every 4 hours. The reason for this is that tylenol lasts a good 4 hours while Motrin lasts a good 6-8 hours.

A lot of people are saying 2 hours and that seems really wild to me considering motrin is ever 6-8 hours and you’d be giving him Motrin every 4 hours.

You can always call a pharmacist to make sure, but my son has an ear infection and I went in today and they said 4.

Answer by Mrs. Janice
One of my daughter’s used to get high fevers often and her pediatrician recomended that I did this. He told me to alternate every three hours.

Motrin or Tylenol which is better?


Motrin or Tylenol which is better?
I know both of these are on recall right now but I can still use the generic brand, correct? Also I’m mainly wanting something to relieve the pain of 4 teeth coming in all at once in my 9 month old. So what really is the difference between these two medications?

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Answer by Marisol
Look I know there are issues with both, at the moment my pediatrican does NOT recomend motrin at all… for teething I would recomend the theething tablets the are 100% natural you can buy the just about anywhere an they are safe….

Answer by C J
Tylenol is better for teething, you can use a generic but make sure it is not made by Tylenol. Ask your pharmacist to recommend the correct brand to make sure it is safe.

As for the teething pain, you can do what I did. Soak a clean cloth in chamomile tea. Freeze it. Then give it to your baby to chew on. It soothes the pain away like nothing else. My kids loved it.

Answer by Kaci
tylenol is better for a little one. motrin is harder on there kidneys.

Answer by Courage
You can. The biggest difference is that Motrin can upset the tummy, which is why it’s not recommended in younger than 6 month old babies. So I always would try Tylenol before I try Motrin. In an allergic reaction though, my family has found that Motrin/Ibuprofen works better than Tylenol.

I also second trying things like teething tablets, just double-check the ingredients since I have run into some ‘teething medicines’ that have acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol) and you don’t want to accidentally double-dose.

Answer by A H
I do both… I do tylenol then wait 2 hours, do Motrin. Wait 3 hours, do tylenol again. That is what my doctor has recommended since my oldest was little, and it works wonders!!!!

What that does is cut the “life span” of the meds down, so that the tylenol isn’t wearing off before you can safely give the next dose, same with the motrin.

I have always purchased generic, cheaper and still strictly monitored by the FDA

Answer by Caitlin & Alden’s mommy
In my experience Motrin works better