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World Brand Congress Awards Brand Leadership Award to Three Healthcare Brand Marketers


Mumbai, India (PRWEB) December 1, 2010

The World Brand Congress has awarded three health science and technology marketing professionals its Brand Leadership Award, described as the most prestigious award an individual can receive at the World Brand Congress

The three award winners from this industry sector are John C. ORourke of DuPont, Hans J. Ahl of EMD Millipore, and Richard Yao of Merck Chemicals (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Mr. ORourke has been a guiding force in maximizing brand value for global blockbuster blood pressure drugs Cozaar (losartan potassium) and Hyzaar (losartan potassium and hydrochlorothiazide). Cozaar and Hyzaar were developed by DuPont scientists as the first drugs of their class, and launched in 1994 through a joint venture between DuPont and Merck & Co. At their 2009 peak, they were Merck’s second highest revenue generators with worldwide sales of totaling $ 3.6 billion. From his DuPont management positions in pharmaceuticals marketing, business development, and joint venture liaison, Mr. ORourke has led with both his expert knowledge and marketing passion to maintain the industry-recognized brand valuation of Cozaar/Hyzaar.

Mr. Ahl is a senior leader with more than 25 years of sales operations and brand development experience for EMD Chemicals. He led the multinational European life science sales operation, the Asia Pacific Latin America team, and now, because of his year over year double-digit sales and margin improvements, he manages the Global Sales Operation including the North America sales team from San Diego. He has been a key member of the integration team during EMDs merger with Millipore.

Mr. Yao is a senior brand executive with exemplary sales and marketing success at the chemicals unit of Merck KGaA, with China operations headquartered in Shanghai. He plays a key role in establishing and implementing international sales and marketing strategies in the competitive China marketplace. He facilitates the brand success in this market environment with his highly regarded management approach.

All three recipients exemplify the qualities of a Brand Leader through their years of being the driving force behind major health science and technology brands, says Mark Stinson, president of Stinson Brand Innovation and 2008 Brand Leadership Award recipient. Were pleased to see executives of their caliber representing our industry and receiving such recognition.

The World Brand Congress and award presentation was held November 22-24 in Mumbai, India and represented 60 countries.

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Patients Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Other Chronic Illnesses Naturally


Houston, TX (PRWEB) September 27, 2011

Montgomery Heart & Wellness has released a video with patients sharing their experiences in reversing type 2 diabetes and other chronic illnesses. All four of the patients interviewed had life-changing improvements in their health after they changed to diabetes reversing diet under the supervision of Dr. Baxter Montgomery.

To illustrate how drastic these improvements can be, the following data has been provided from one of the patients. When this patient started the program, she was taking the following list of medications:

Levemir 70 units qam and 30 units qhs
Humalog 34 units qam and 34 units TID b/f meals
Klor-Con 10 10mEq bid
Cozaar 50 mg daily
Diltiazem 240mg qd
Furosemide 80 mg qd
Vitamin D 50,000 IU 2 times per week
Pantoprazole 40 mg qd
Benzonatate 100 mg tid
Isosorbide Mononitrate qd
Simvastatin 40 mg qd
Travatan 0.004% 1 gtt qd
Prednisone 10 mg