Planetary Densities…And Extra! — DONG


13 Responses to “Planetary Densities…And Extra! — DONG”

  1. Justin W says:

    i wanna mess with a bony dong!

  2. Jayson Davis says:

    1:29 Don't mind if I do!

  3. Daniel Percival says:

    I definitely have a crush on Michael 🤣 so sad!

  4. mallowshade says:

    "bony dong"

  5. Chair says:

    Who noticed 0:04 the square makes a cross

  6. Wendy's Twitter says:

    1:54 wth Michael “bony dong”

  7. Pepsi is better than Sprite says:

    Bony dong

  8. Joseph Taylor says:

    i made a 8 sided shape in the haberdashers puzzle

  9. Windows 98 says:

    b a l l a n d s t i c k

  10. Ben Jammin Schreiber says:

    I love me some good boney dong

  11. Sultan Arfeen says:

    He said every single planet can fit between earth and moon but at 0:47 look at earth and moon, The moon is so close to earth in that graph i think Mercury can barely fit between. Please explain Michael 😕😐

  12. Megue Boi says:

    Man, I love this guy
    He's just… Awesome

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