Replace Sertraline


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  1. OG MEME says:

    Did the meds give you a Xanax ( if you’ve ever had one) feeling? I’ve taken a Xanax before and just been prescribed Zoloft 100mg & I don’t want that feeling again 😩
    Love you channel💕

  2. henry lance says:

    Hi how are you doing on your Zoft going though a little rough start but will it get better

  3. Lorena Pizarro says:

    I feel you on how change affects you. I usually take 3 months to settle down and start felling grounded again. Thanks for sharing! Good to hear your looking forward on change and growth., hope everythinf flows. – I´m on 50ml as well, 7 months now, still trying to find balance, that light headedness really gets me! ( it gives me this weird social anxiety i didnt have before)

  4. Phoebe Miller says:

    Girlllll need to know what eyeliner you’re using. I’m at doc tomo to discuss whether to up from 50 or not. I’m torn!

  5. Salina Terry says:

    I decided not to take it.I read about sertraline by a few doctors who gave testimony and are against mood altering drugs because of what the drug companies don't tell us about the long term effects and what they've seen it do to their patients and it's a bad come down after.

    The serotonin is depleted at certain points and we become less effected by happy things later because of the serotonin that is being depleted because the drug forces it out of our system so that we feel it more to be happier.
    So I decided not to take it. My doctor is trying to force it on me the first day I went for therapy, no other options were given to me, but that drug first.

    Maybe I was hoping they would recommend after a few months if therapy wasn't working, but nope first visit he said drugs first option 🤦‍♀️
    Listening to stories here on YouTube help for now along with my sessions for now. Love your videos and hope it works well for you. 🙏💜

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