Seven Weeks on Anti-Depressants (Sertraline) / Vlog #1

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2 Responses to “Seven Weeks on Anti-Depressants (Sertraline) / Vlog #1”

  1. Nahar MD says:

    This is my 2nd time on med, and now i am over a year in it. Hope u get happy life

  2. Ben Holman says:

    Thank you for sharing and be proud of yourself.

    I started almost 4 weeks ago and have been up and down. The gym has helped massively although I was doing so before.

    Well done on forcing yourself out. Fresh air and challenging yourself will help you so much as will therapy (fingers gets crossed it comes soon). I too have a loving wife, family and friends so NEVER feel like you can’t talk to them. They love you and will listen.

    I don’t know you but if you ever need to rant or chat let me know. Thanks again for sharing your story, you’ve come a long way in these videos I can see it – be proud of yourself! 🙂

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