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13 Responses to “Sertraline”

  1. Evert Björklund says:

    Hi from sweden . I have anxyety/panicattacks and tryd sertralin 25 mg for 10 dags i get stomacpain more dizzy more headeks felings like i going to trou up i have stop it 4 days ago and i dont feling God, i dont do whitut meds, can i have widralsymtoms, do you have that? Thers a SSRI LUVOX have you triad that?

  2. mike thomas says:

    100% Correct I had exactly the same happen to me , the doctors should be made to experience the side effects of these drugs and then they would not be so keen to prescribe

  3. frederick tillott says:

    I know exactly what you mean, I was at y Dr's more often after taking this shitty drug. 2 months down the line I felt like I had fallen into a bottomless pit. The side effects OMG. I think that this drug is not for everyone and should be the last alternative drug they recommend as far as i'm concerned. I too stopped taking sertraline on my own, dr's kept saying keep taking it, try half the dosage from 50mg to 25mg. 3 months after taking sertraline I'm still trying to get out of the pit I fell in. I'm taking a new drug now but I don't feel like my old self, sertraline erased that part of me

  4. Tony Montana says:

    Bro stay positive.. if you think that the med will not help and you keep reading about the side effects you wont benefit from it.. Just take it and think to yourself that it is your only choice because I've seen most of your videos and nothing worked for you … try to change your live routine .. Regards

  5. icrittmypants says:

    i took 1 50mg tablet last night. not taking another. i thought the side affects from citilopram were bad.

  6. Rebecca mourge says:

    I had to stop taking it , it's the most vile experience I've ever had 😢😢

  7. EXITMUSIC2011 says:

    I think if anyone gets a reaction that they feel they just can't continue taking it then speak to your doctor as there's many other types that may work for you.

  8. EXITMUSIC2011 says:

    50mg is considered a low dose. I'm on day 3 of the medication and apart from making me a bit sleepy and a tad more anxious it's been ok. I have two friends on 100mg and it's really worked for them too. It affects people differently. My advice if you are about to start is break tablet in half and take 25mg then if you are going to have a bad reaction it will be reduced as 25mg is very low.

  9. Jonathan ignis says:

    I endured 4 days on Sertraline I also had a terrifying experience, my heart was beating really strangely and I also was having nosebleeds every night. I just rang my doctor and said I am not taking this shit anymore. Worst experience ever. My first antidepressant was citalopram 20mg it worked for a while but I just felt constant brain-fog and it did nothing for my depression or anxiety. I honestly do not know how it could do anything but make you feel worse I wanted to fucking rip heads off every day on that its only now im on Escitalopram oxalate that I see that Citalopram did that to me. Its odd how Escitalopram doesn't do this, thankfully but its effectiveness is mild in my opinion and I feel brain-dead so I am taking korean and siberian ginseng alongside to boost me.

  10. lighter says:

    It's a good medication. It didn't work for me but I know of many people who take it and it works great for them. When Zoloft didn't work for me I switched to Celexa and it works Great! For me 200mg 100mg 50mg and then 25mg of zoloft didn't work for me but Celexa is Great!

  11. Jane Clarke says:

    your videos r fantastic straight to the point 👍

  12. psgman1982 says:

    Sertraline is very bad medication .

  13. Paul B says:

    Sertraline worked wonders for me, i truly felt well and interested in life again, i would definitely recommend them or at least try them first, and if not able to tolerate them, your doctor will prescribe another brand. Good Luck anyone who is suffering with depression at the moment, there is help out there, so many people today suffer with this, so you are not alone!

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