magnificence and the beast – bonjour


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  1. Nicole Gregory says:

    Strolling thru the townhouse greeting her imagination running around

  2. Lily Rose says:

    I love singing this

  3. Genesis Lorenzo says:

    Belle is the only one who wears blue did anyone else notice

  4. Harrison Sproule says:

    I'm just now noticing that Belle is the only townsperson who wears blue, and Gaston is the only townsperson with blue eyes, as if to signify that he only has eyes for her

  5. Nadeem MURRAY says:

    I NEED 6 EGGS!!!!

  6. AdmiralBonetoPick says:

    Infinitely better than the pointless live-action remake.

  7. sassytrini says:

    Is it wrong that I am 31 and still know this word for word?

  8. LascoBio says:

    I'm French and it's really amazing to listen this song in English because there are some french words like "Bonjour", "Baguettes", "Monsieur" and your accent is funny ! 😊

  9. WaterProofCat says:

    These villagers never seem to answer each others questions 😂

  10. Zurvan Mooney says:

    3:37 why the animated version of Gaston is better (he’s more abusive towards Lefou)

  11. layal and the cutiez says:

    lovee itt

  12. Chamops Chap says:

    I like how Belle is just invincible while reading a book like same

  13. Medieaval Beabe says:

    I’m glad that the bookshop man at least supports Belle’s love of reading. At least she has one friend in town.

  14. Mrs. Tony Stark says:

    The song is called Belle..

  15. ImSoNormalXD says:

    I though the sign of the book shop said "booksheeper"

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