Quitting Zoloft (A Private Commentary)


16 Responses to “Quitting Zoloft (A Private Commentary)”

  1. Joshua Blackwell says:

    Half way threw the video but this is basically my life right now…

  2. C Cooper says:

    Video games often screw up your mind. Get outside and see the real world.

  3. postosuchusface says:

    Just wondering if you think you've continued to improve?

  4. truth seeker says:

    Quitting Zoloft cold turkey made me extremely depressed, anxious and suicidal.

  5. Mottbox says:

    Withdrawing from Zoloft caused me to get a shiver of anxiety that I felt travel my nervous system. That’s the best way I can describe it. Insane irritability.

    That was 6 days off. It was terrible.

  6. Mason Lesshafft says:

    My withdrawals were basically non existent when I stopped taking Zoloft but when I was on it I experienced every single negative side effect in the book and more. No joke it is THE worst medication I’ve ever taken but of course it works differently for everyone.

  7. Ryan Johnston says:

    Antidepressants simply mask symptoms, NOT fix them. If you are depressed before them; you will be depressed afterwards, unless you do some cognitive therapy or make serious life changes.

  8. foigi says:

    nice video enjoy it so much

  9. ELfuego says:

    My mom does it for anxiety and I think she would have an awful time if she quit it

  10. gabbie kavanov says:

    sound a bit like puberty

  11. beastmode mcgee says:

    I was on paxil had an easy time coming off.

  12. Charles schëuring says:

    i have had the same experiences as you especially with zoloft i just got off of it a week ago keep up the great work i really enjoy watching your channel

  13. Sarha Sarhan says:

    you talk too much

  14. Matt says:

    Same problems here been off for three weeks cold turkey starting to feel better

  15. Miranda Does Stuff says:

    Ya I'm currently off (been lowering doses for months and been fully off for a 2 weeks) and the withdrawals are HORRIBLE! Major headaches, severe depression, stomach pain, and actually signs of mania. I've been on this medication for 3 years before quitting because it has done barely anything to help me, if anything making it worse. For anyone struggling with withdrawals I recommend CBD 25 mg capsules (one daily). It's really helping me with physical withdrawals from Zoloft as well as lowering anxiety/depression.

  16. XaK says:

    I am going through tinglyness and whole body shaking tingly pins and needls 24 7 and tinnitus pulsatile in both ears and feels like im on a boat 247 quit 25 mg two after one week

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