My Prognosis with Combined Connective Tissue Illness and Polymyositis


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  1. Goddess Love says:

    Thank you for sharing! How high were your CPK levels?

  2. Sims 4 Pose says:

    Beautiful. Love your accent.

  3. Chloe Henning says:

    I was diagnosed with MCTD a week ago. Thanks for the reassurance. I appreciate hearing good things and similar things from another human with this crazy disease!!!

  4. Leon Creese says:

    Did you change your diet?

  5. Shrideep Patel says:

    Thanks a lott for this video and support!!!
    My wife (age 25) recently got 2nd time swollen finger in this year 2017.and got her blood test done, unfortunately she got Ribonucleoprotein Ab (Positive) 3.4 and rest of all ENA- anti-smit, RA factor, sjogren's negative.
    She has been prescribed 2nd time prednisone for treatment as rest of all OTC meds and NSAIDS didn't work.
    Me and my wife are really scared as we have doctor appointment after 2 days on Monday.
    We found MCTD most probably from google and prognosis scared us a lot.
    please help us out if possible.

  6. Annjanette Jean-Louis mn says:

    Dose it charge your voice

  7. kidablue says:

    Hi there, I have something too!!

  8. courtney bradley says:

    Thank you for this video. I have it to and love the support!!

  9. Rachel Flores says:

    Thank you! Much encouragement it's much appreciated! God bless you!

  10. inkstainedgirl says:

    Hi, I was wondering if youd share what medications you are taking for MCTD/polymiositis? I just got diagnosed last year and am still not feeling its managed well.

  11. Bb Rockenton says:

    so encouraging, I was diagnosed with mixed convective tissue disease… googling the prognosis can be scary, but you are an inspiration! I take tumeric with black pepper. it helps a lot!

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