Hal Dietz | Analysis of Connective Tissue Problems


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  1. redTanto says:

    I hear of a program for bringing patients in where their stay and research/treatment is paid by Johns Hopkins, but I am having difficulty finding the name of said program. I have a connective tissue defect theorized to be EDS, but the doctors where I have been have not been up to par on knowledge.

  2. Deborah Archer says:

    Dr Deitz I am just learning of this disorder Loey Dietz syndrome, all though many of the symptom are in several family members I am the one with more of the similarities' I am considering being tested for the one that involve bicuspid valve and osteoarthritis . I have a mechanical heart valve now I had a  thoracic  aneurysm a patent ovule and
    a blockage repaired but I suffer much joint degeneration and many repeated infections. My brother has also had a valve replacement  because of a bicuspid aortic valve he too had a thoracic aneurysms and a knee replacement , My son has a bicuspid valve and my brothers grandson has it . there are several cousins with it and all this is on my mothers side of the family , my mother had a knee replacement and died from complications after the surgery.  Does this sound to you like it could be a genetic thing for this family? Can you tell me the best way to get some genetic testing?

  3. Acupuncture KOSA says:

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