Do you need an antidepressant? | Consumer Reports


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  1. DreamWizard9 says:

    This video is kinda depressing

  2. Virus Pirus says:

    That's why his name is Dr. Santa.

  3. DoorisJ says:

    ok what about St. John's wort? that works pretty well

  4. noscrub bub says:

    how does one know hat one likes in a world of dog eat dog competition. one's full time job is to survive not enjoy pot which is still illegal i think. a happy person must be the cop that busts people in pot legal states and gets a raise based on how man tickets and miseryhe gives out. enough to afford divorce and a second wife/kids . that is enjoyment.

  5. Robberto Pyne says:

    You leave out marijuana put it on the list

  6. 7within says:

    No Thank you I don't need any more enemies like this to add in my life …

  7. says:

    This is a very good overview. However… If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or plan to become pregnant at least one antidepressant on the list is a real no-no. The literature says that any antidepressant works about the same as another. But, it is reasonable to think that one could work better for a particular person, especially if you consider drug interactions.

  8. RaidenGT911 says:

    ciggy weed

  9. idak12 says:

    Make love to your partner that will make you feel great.

  10. Spec Warfare says:


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