18 Again Vaginal Tightening Gel Commercial

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20 Responses to “18 Again Vaginal Tightening Gel Commercial”

  1. Carly Jayne says:

    just because your enot a virgin doesnt mean you have a bucket for a vagina,
    do people even know how far it can stretch? it can fit a babys head! AND
    shrink back down again afterwards and be normal functioning again (of
    course if theirs no complications in childbirth) the only difference from
    virgin and non virgins is the pain of breaking the hymen hense the pain
    which is obviously misinterpreted as pain from vaginal “stretching” ? of
    course during sex it widens because if youve watched a sex ed video a guy
    gets hard a woman gets wide and wet, even if youre a virgin if youre horny
    youre body naturaly “opens up” the vagina anyway but thatsall muscle that
    when your enot horny goes back like elastic. You can have sex once twice
    or a million times and it will not make your vagina any wider long term

  2. Simran Simran says:

    First of all: dumb product
    Now to correct ana…..this add is aimed at married people, they don’t
    allow premarital sex on TV, unless they qualify that it is totally wrong
    Plus I have never seen this commercial on Indian TV…….when the hell did
    they air it….I mean even condom adds are usually very euphemistic… this
    was pretty direct.

  3. SP Hong Simon says:

    This show has been and almost always is so hypocritical.. American girls
    bleach, dye, shave, laser and poke around their private parts alot and
    Viagra was just a peak in a long tradition of male enhancement devices
    including primitive growing pills and stretching devices etc. I’m not
    defending the Indian or other sex related stuff but to see Americans talk
    about it as if its a foreign problem thats irrelevant to themselves if

  4. Souvik Sinha says:

    Although I never have seen this ad before but when I heard “now in India” I
    realised that in America it must have been marketed as “ass tightening gel”
    that’s why they were so surprised so see this. Besides, maybe this cream is
    still sold as anti-wrinkle cream in the US ;)

  5. thiruvetti says:

    Another typical stereotyping of India, by picking some Ad which is not even
    seen by 100 people, i guess!

    Cenk used to talk big about TYT being factual and different from the other
    big news channels. Looks like they are equally bad as the others!

    Sad to see a news channel not knowing about the rest of the world, let
    alone the people there!

  6. Abhishek Pareek says:

    No where in india or on no indian channel this ad has been ever aired. This
    seems like the production of a filthy mind with stinky thinking which
    allows the idiots like these anchors to showcase indians as inferior to
    them. We have been world leader and we will be few years down the line

  7. M0oranshi says:

    Vagina’s don’t get loose over the years. They have elastic muscles and when
    a woman is sexually aroused vaginal muscle tissue relaxes, and relaxing
    after sex the muscles naturally contracts or tighten again. Intercourse
    does NOT permanently stretch the vagina. This process, loosening during
    arousal and tightening afterward, happens no matter how often the woman has

  8. Rahul Vivek says:

    Westerners are always like cancer for the world. They are dumps as well as
    some dump asses from eastern countries blindly following these fucking
    Orientals or Semitics are best in world, they led the world. We need to get
    back the world back in our hands or these westerners will destroy human
    All the Semitic resources are dumped by them to ashes and their stolen
    goods from philosophy and medicine from egypt (and they call it as dark
    continent), geometry, mathematics, medivial arabic and syriac philosophy
    and astronomy from mesopotomia (now they call iraq or middle east as worst
    place), Wealth, intellectual resources and martial arts from india (Now
    they are call it as slum dogs) and get credit themselves for all these
    They ruined all the ethics and moralities of human kind and social life…
    even same do to the environment!. All the religions are emerged from
    semitics orientals including christianity… but they have destroyed all
    the righteousness of these religions and consider the pure form of the
    Christianity in orientals including aramaic/syriacs as waste garbage…
    (even the jesus himself an oriental or black semitic!!!) They conquered
    many eastern and western parts of the world including australia and
    Get out of these dumb asses and back to our traditions and culture… Let
    them back to the hell. (Even i ashamed to right in these idiots’

  9. Saagar Varu says:

    dis white girl is racist. don’t imitate my people.

  10. pain killer says:

    so what happened to all those penis enlargement and the stupid breast
    enlargement videos that you Americans spam us with?? seriously this lady
    says there’s no difference how a man feels wait a min.- are you a
    transgender?? no wonder why the advertisement says ‘now in India’ !! do
    your research before you jump to conclusions #theyoungturks and btw plz do
    check the link in amazon where many of your citizens purchased and reviewed
    this stuff!! a very cheap act by you guys for the sake of humor!!!

  11. Hermosa Vida says:

    What’s really needed is a mouth tightening gel for women. 

  12. Тамара Гареева says:

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  13. Nikhil Singh says:

    this is one of the hypocritical conversation between those two suckers
    ,sorry to say but america is the country which have distributed their
    fucking HIV in the world and the origin of many diseases ,and because of
    their sex and family culture ,children call their parents by name ,some
    children have to see their parents with other man or women in their home
    ,after seeing this they also used to find their fuckmates not lovers ,lot’s
    of fucking things like this which is the consequence of many mental problms
    in very low aged kids and all,u have no value of marriages ,very few
    people are there who haven’t divorce their previous so called
    lover…america is the mess of these type of social crisis …and stop
    these type of fake hypo-critic news and laugh on it ..because your country
    is one of those who are sucking their resources and enjoy without think
    about future …your most of the organisations are driven by Indians there
    so just dance in your fucking clubs and do rave parties …u
    dumbos…..take it easy.:)

  14. JK MAXX says:


  15. Navneet Pushp says:

    fake…. there is no such product in india

  16. Kerry White says:

    18 Again Vaginal Tightening Gel Commercial

  17. ae00505 says:

    india is a funny country…and there are many idiots here..

  18. shine on says:

    lol true actually whosoever made this advert sounds totally ignorant abt
    sex ,usually the first time for girls is not enjoyable at all it just hurts
    not bcz its tight bt bcz a tissue gets torn so unless indian men are sadist
    at heart they shouldnt find seeing someone in pain enjoyable,,but there are
    stong misconception within indian ppl that vagina gets loose with sex or
    age its hard to break it

  19. sachinsaz says:

    Do you heard this scntences in AD “Now In India Also”……..
    That mean origenal concept of such kind of cream is not belong from India
    but any another country……they r selling there product in India…..Dont
    dare to make fun of My country…..

  20. Joys Jose says:

    Don’t try to teach Indian’s to fuck… Why you guys always pointing to
    India… We are better than you… If you still don’t have any idea to
    fuck, just read again and again KAMASUTRA made in INDIA… lol… pity on
    you western people for your these kind of acts… 

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