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Posted in Rhinocort on 24th June 2014

Why is my nose ALWAYS stuffy? Why do i wheeze a lot?
For the past 2 months or so, i have had a stuffy nose when a wake up and then it lessens throughout the day. But it’s still there, I sneeze more often. But i don’t have allergies and i do not have a cold. Also
i wake up early in the morning wheezing. like when i breathe out it reminds me of bubble rap..Help?
I am 13 so i can’t go and buy anything…

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Answer by Tara
That really sounds like hayfever… especially with the wheezing and how it is worse in the mornings. You should probably see a doctor, because the wheezing should be treated with a puffer, and the stuffy nose and sneezing can probably be treated with a simple over the counter anti-histamine like claratyne or rhinocort.

Good luck and I hope you start feeling better, trust me, I know how much it gives you a bad start to the day when you wake up feeling like crap 🙁

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