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Posted in Ortho Tri-Cyclen on 14th June 2014

Ortho-Tri Cyclen Lo? Your side effects?
So I just got on this new Birth Control, Ortho-Tricyclen Lo..No one i’ve talked to has had it yet, and some haven’t even heard of it.
Others say that it’s good for acne, which is something that’s going to really help me out.
Now of course I read through the side effects and what not, but I’d like to know what some of you people out there think of it? Have you been on it? What were your side effects?

I did hear something about weight gain, and after loosing 20 lbs, I’m not liking the thought about those coming back thanks to this little pill? Anyone have an experience with that?

Any help would be AWESOME!
Thank you!

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Answer by mishbabe
i have taken ortho-tri cyclen lo for three years now…. and the only side effect that i have really had was putting on a few pounds… but at the same time i started taking the pill i also found out that i had hypo-thyroidism (makes you gain weight) so i probably gained about 5 lbs or so bc of the birth control. it sounds like you are watching what you eat if you have recently lost 20 lbs. and if you continue to watch what you eat you should be ok. as far as the acne, i had acne bad before i started taking the pill and it has helped a great deal. it hasnt made it go away but instead of looking like “pizza face” i maybe have two or three and most of the time around that time of the month. i would recomed this pill for sure!!!!

Answer by kiki14
I was on this pill for 2 years, and I didn’t gain any weight what did happened was that my sex drive was gone during the second year and my Dr. said that these pills usually have that side effect after a while using them

Answer by threehundred
horrible headaches, and i had to pee every 5 seconds

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