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Posted in Prempro on 21st June 2014

I am going through perimenopause and do not know how much more I can take.?
I had a physical with my doctor. He did a complete blood work up on me and everything was normal, except a low white blood count that he wants to recheck in a month. (Not sure if that has anything to do with perimenopause) I was told my FSH test was normal, 8.0. However, I have terrible symptoms with this perimenopause. I am 45 years old. I know I have experienced mild symptoms in the past, but this is getting worse. I have had trouble with anxiety/panic attacks which was pretty much under control until now. I can’t sleep at night, I am stressed and moody, I feel tired, bloated, I have night sweats but mostly right around the time of my period. I feel dizzy at times too. I should also mention that my doctor did check my thyroid as well and that was fine too. He recommended black cohash, but that made me very, very dizzy after 1 week of being on it so I stopped taking it. I just do not know what to do. Would low-dose birth control pills help or is that too risky?

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Answer by tisha
Low dose birth control is exactly what you need to do. You sound just like I was at that stage. They helped a whole lot for about 1 year. Then I started having the symptoms again. I stood it as long as I could about 6 months then my gynec. put me on PREMPRO. She said that hormones get a bad rap that they arent as dangerous as the media makes them sound. She did say if I could get along without them to do so. I tried. My life is finally back to normal again and no more symtoms. This is my 3rd month on them and I am pleased.

Answer by yennep
Im 44 years old and I have experience the same symptons. My doctor put me on birth control for a short while and for me the results was great, but he took me off after about 6 months and the symptons subsided, and although I’m better I miss the pills they made me feel great, due to the amount of estrogen hesaid that it was better to discontinue them. Ask your doctor about it and maybe he would prescribe a low-dose for you. They really help with your period too.

Answer by Kay R
Mid 40s is usually when it all starts… I’m right there with ya. This is just a bandaid but may help while you find out from doctors a more permanent effective solution. Xanax. Taken at low doses it helps you relax while you’re working things out, and it also puts you to sleep – all night. I used it when I had insomnia and post-partem depression years ago, and sometimes have to use it once in a while to sleep because of perimenopausal symptoms. It’s a Godsend.

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