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Posted in Lisinopril on 5th June 2014

Forgot to take lisinopril today, please help!?
I take 10 mg of lisniopril daily and I forgot to take it today. Will I be ok if I go to sleep and take it in the morning? Please help, I am worried!

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Answer by Dave
You should be fine if you go to sleep and take it in the morning. Expecially since during sleep, your heart does not have to work as hard. However, do not make this a regular habit. I have done it myself before!

Answer by Queryman
Health losses due to missing medication

High blood pressure does not have any immediate signs and symptoms in majority of the people. The effects of missing your blood pressure medication may not be felt and noticed by you in your daily life. Health losses due to missing medication are seen and experienced only in the long-run.

Missing medication leads to health losses which become apparent only in the long run and over-time. It may lead to:

* Heart disease.
* Stroke (paralysis).
* Kidney disease.
* Retinopathy (Loss of vision).
* Peripheral vascular disease (Pain in the legs on walking, or even gangrene)

Answer by J B
Since it is late, skip it tonight and then take it as usual tomorrow morning. If you have been on this med for a while, it will not cause any problems with one missed dose. Just try not to do this on a regular basis.

Answer by Dr. B
Most likely that would be ok, but it depends on several things. First, what is your blood pressure? If it is very elevated, then it would be best to take the Lisinopril. If the blood pressure is not dangerously high, then it would most likely be ok to not take until your scheduled time tomorrow. You should of course ask your doctor if you are unsure. Lisinopril 10 mg is not that high of a dose and it is unlikely that missing one dose will lead to serious consequences. If you are ever unsure about what to do, then call your doctor’s office to ask. Good luck.

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