Bipolar Video Diary – Bye Paxil. Hello Effexor.


4 Responses to “Bipolar Video Diary – Bye Paxil. Hello Effexor.”


    How’s the Effexor working for you? Man Paxil! I like gained 30 pounds on
    Paxil!! and had other side effects as well.

  2. Desa Kroma says:

    Hope the new med works well for you! 


    Been on Effexor for six months. No deep depression or wanting to punch
    someone in the face. Good luck, I hope it works as well for you as it has
    for me. 

  4. Lori Minor says:

    neither of the medications that you have mentioned (paxil and effexor) have
    worked for me. in fact, they made me worse. but I was prescribed those
    before being properly diagnosed. i am wondering why you weren’t prescribed
    a mood stabilizer. hopefully you find something that works.

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