Bipolar Update: Switch from Effexor (venlafaxine) to Cymbalta


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  1. padi mac says:

    I have just been put on this venlafaxine today. I have been trying to get
    to the bottom of this for a while now. I thought I had maybe just wrecked
    my brain with drink and drugs. Anti depressants are doctors answer for
    everthing over here in Scotland. I have not drank, or used anything in
    nearly 2 years, and I feel worse than I ever did. My temper and mood swings
    are frightening. My brain is always racing a 1000mph. I analyse everything.
    Docs have gave me meds in the past, and I tell myself I don’t need them. Am
    ok, it was all a misunderstanding lol. I am beginning to think I am nuts

  2. Stacey Bell says:

    Sorry 🙁 Have you ever tried Lamactil? I went thru all the Meds known to
    man and that is the only one that helps. It comes in a generic too. I take
    400 mg which is the Max. Hang in there. I also take Respiratol and Lexapro.

  3. cacti111 says:

    Have you tried pepto bismol? Cherry flavor is disgusting. I would try to
    take it with some milk or crackers if you can. Milk is also sometimes good
    for settling the stomach, I know a lot of people don’t drink milk. Maybe
    also green tea may help.

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