Your Questions Diamox, Sleep, Hydrocephalus


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  1. jendays247 says:

    Claritin helped my dysautonomia symptoms. I could only tolerate 1/4 of a
    tablet, but I was finally able to shower standing up instead of taking a
    bath. Other side effects got the best of me, and I couldn’t keep taking it.

  2. PrettyIll1 says:

    @jendays247 You may want to check into Gastrocrom (or Ketotifen, outside of
    the U.S.). It is a mast cell stabilizer. It may be able to get your mast
    cells calm enough to tolerate an H1 and H2 antagonist. We can become more
    and more sensitive over time, so the sooner, the better for most us us.
    Hang in, my friend. 🙂 Diana

  3. Zachary Cooper says:

    Just found this video, thanks for posting, in severe pain from shunt and
    looking for answers, this helped a lot!

  4. PrettyIll1 says:

    @jendays247 I am with you there, my friend! I think that slowing down some
    of the mast cells is one of the steps we need to do to start to close the
    BBB. IMHO, we then need to get on top of some of our inflammatory cytokines
    and return our vagus nerve function. I think we can get somewhere, then! 🙂

  5. kirafaye says:

    May I make a suggestion filming wise…I find your videos a little on the
    quite side. When I did videos on iMovie and there was an option to increase
    volume before uploading.

  6. PrettyIll1 says:

    Sending hugs and lots of positive thoughts your way! 😉

  7. jendays247 says:

    @PrettyIll1 I have become more and more sensitive over time. I figured it
    was because my BBB was WIDE OPEN! I didn’t think of stabilizing the mast
    cells to help with sensitivity; I just thought of closing that barrier that
    should not be so permeable!

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