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Posted in Mometasone on 20th May 2014

Tretionin or Mometasone Furoate for curing acne?? Which is better?
I am lactating. I have loads of pimples. I used to use ERYTOP but its not working for me now. I have nearly 100s of pimples on my face. I feel ashamed to face others. Since I work and travel in sun (mid day) I use sunscreen.
Now my doc has prescribed me CLINDAMYCIN PHOSPHATE as day cream and TRETNOIN cream for night. It seems not to work..
My collegue who had hell a lot of pimples has CLEAR SKIN now.. She’s prescribed with CLINDAMYCIN PHOSPHATE as day cream and MOMETASONE FUROATE(MF) as night cream.
When I surfed for MF it says its a steroid.
Now can any1 say if I can switch to the steroid or not???

PS: I am not into oily fried foods and I am drinking 3 litres of water a day.

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Answer by Franky
I still would stay to Tretionin until the doctor tells you something different.
Due to the steroids there could be some changes in your habits, makes your voice darker and all other stuff. It takes time to be effective, so just try it for some time and if you don’t see any results after 14 days than I would call the dermatologist again and tell him about it..

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