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Posted in Tetracycline on 23rd May 2014

Similar medications to Tetracycline?
About 5 months ago I had a red colored rash on my face. The dermatologist told me that it wasn’t acne. He wrote me a prescription for Tetracycline (which is a bacteria fighter I guess) and told me to take it for 2 weeks and it cleared the rash up right away & it stayed gone!… until now. The rash came back and I have no insurance now. Is there anything that I could take that would be similar to Tetracycline? I’ve been told that this rash will appear every so often, which is why it sucks it came back. But the medicine took it away before, so it should take it away again. PLEASE HELP!!!!! THANKS!!

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Answer by Weise Ente
Tetracycline is an antibiotic, which are pretty much all prescription only in the US. You’ll have to see a doctor.

Answer by Jcat ♥
Did your dermatologist tell you what the rash is. Could it be acne rosacea…….tetracycline is often prescribed for that. Try to know for certain what it is you are dealing with so you can join a support group and forums online. You should hopefully be able to get that information without insurance….try phoning and asking the dermatologist’s secretary for those details…..or the dermatologist if you can get hold of them. And good luck with that….you should at least know for certain what you are dealing with and it will be easier to find alternative remedies.

Tetracycline is an antibiotic….yes it does target bacteria in your system including on your skin. You could try olive leaf extract which is known to have an antibacterial effect in the body, including on the skin, so should help deal with any bacteria that might be a causative factor. Take a probiotic too for your gut health.

You could also try a 4% niacinamide gel for the inflammation…..ask your pharmacist about that. Chamomile cream might also help or dabbing on chamomile tea regularly. You could also try a colloidal [very finely ground into a flour] oatmeal face wash or face pack. But know exactly what you are dealing with first……contact the dermatologist’s office.

Best wishes.

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