Pregnant Mares’ Urine-PMU cruelty


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  1. DJcaz007 says:

    They take urine from a mare in a painfull abusive way and use it to put in
    things i.e pills…foals are deprived of there mothers because they are the
    “line” 24/7 with hardly any space to move or lie down and rest!!! hope this
    helps 🙂

  2. Sarah Mod says:

    do they even get any exersize? i wanna buy and save a few foals

  3. seranissima says:

    that despicable man holding the belgian’s mare urine cup is charlie
    knockaert from bruxelles, mb, canada. he has been on cbc tv and a winnipeg
    radio station (cjob68) where he spreads lies about the care of the horses,
    foals. he says he’s proud of everything he does for the pmu industry.

  4. puzzlepony says:

    What i dont get about this is why do they have to be kept like veal cows?
    Why cant they go in normal stables or pastures? Instad of being tied?

  5. DJcaz007 says:

    Id rather save up and get quality bloodlines myself as im looking to
    event…rescue sounds good…but id buy from foal and back and school
    myself, and keep him for life that way i can get him how i want him.And
    hopefully have a long eventing carrer with him.Good sugestion though 🙂

  6. FordBroncoGurl says:

    My Husband and I are heading up the Canadian border in a week to pick up 6
    PMU Mares, all in foal, 3 with foals at their side a well. There are
    adoption sites and rescue organizations you can help out. Please look into
    like we did. You can mean the difference between life and death.

  7. barrelbabe0 says:

    what can we do to help???

  8. peepchick101 says:

    This is crazy… my rescued horse Brazy was sent to a slaughterhouse from a
    PMU company. He was just 3 months old and he was going to be killed… just
    because some greedy company wanted baby horses 🙁

  9. dressagebreyer9934 says:

    how would they be raped? this is so cruel

  10. ellieet says:


  11. shadow0dancer says:

    I already know I can’t watch this, but already read about it and posted it
    at work. (I work in healthcare.) My co-workers were shocked to say the

  12. hunterjumper70 says:

    I am doing a research paper about this

  13. amyhassall987 says:

    OMG, I cried for ages & the thourghts. So sad :'(

  14. ibtnm25 says:


  15. DJcaz007 says:

    Thank you…and plz tell as many ppl as you can x

  16. DJcaz007 says:

    Yes they are my fav breed hope to be getting 1 soon 🙂

  17. livelovelax123456 says:

    i swear why do people do tht… do thy get pleasure out of seeing inisent
    horses dieing day after day…. and the woman tht take tht crap are sick
    and worthless.the ppl tht do this shit is worthless and are worthless in
    living their lives doing tht.i hate ppl who treat animals like tht how wld
    they like ppl doing tht to thm. the poor horses dont even knoww what the
    hell there doing to thm and are scared and help less,how wld ppl like tht
    done to thm.nohuman being wld want tht done 2 thm.nothng

  18. DJcaz007 says:

    Here here, total agreement with you on that.

  19. AncientUnicorn says:

    Sad and this is humanity greed of mankind i feel sorrow for them poor mares
    y should thay suffer for mans greed : (

  20. Jazz Me says:

    they’re not slaughtered for their medicine. they are slaughtered after they
    become usless. stripped of any sort of life for the sake of estrogen then
    murdered when they can not earn their keep anymore.

  21. Hannah G says:

    This is awful. Its like keeping horses like battery hens. Is that like a
    breeding farm?

  22. 36mick says:

    ppl need to send this video to obgyns! i am im gettin random doctors email
    addresses and sendin it to them! u shud too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. WolvenMagoria says:

    God how i hate the human race

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