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Posted in Lisinopril on 5th May 2014

Lisinopril and Alcohol?
I recently started taking Lisinopril for moderately high blood pressure. 5mg daily.

These last few days I have attended social events where alcohol was present. After 2-3 beers I found myself feeling light headed and dizzy. Due to this side effect I don’t plan to drink any more on this medication.

However is there a chance I could have done any permanant damage by drinking and taking lisinopril?

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Answer by Lillyflower
Of all people you picked Chuck Norris to be your alias. Oh, how could you? Hes a good guy. Anyways, Cardinal Rule.. You don’t mix prescriptions with Alcohol PERIOD! That is not a safe thing to do at all. If your not careful, because your an Older Individual you could spike your blood pressure and cause an induced Cardiac Arrhythmia or a on set of a Heart Attack. Stop Drinking with drugs… Or really bad things could happen ! =(

Answer by bandit_60
i take the same thing too and you don,t want to mix alcohol and drugs together because it can cause an reaction.

Answer by SZO
It is not advisable to drink alcohol while on lisinopril as it further lower your blood pressure and may increase some of the side effects of lisinopril.

As for long-term effects on taking alcohol with this medication, there was no report yet, however you don’t know what the long-term effects would be, avoid combining both as much as possible.

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