How to get rid of bacne?

How to get rid of bacne? I need some help clearing up my bacne (back acne). I also have tons of scars on my upper back reaching up to the back of my ...

How to get rid of bacne?
I need some help clearing up my bacne (back acne). I also have tons of scars on my upper back reaching up to the back of my neck and it’s embarrassing.
I don’t pick on the acne or anything and i wash it, but it isn’t going away. People have noticed, pointed it out and teased me about it. I feel terrible have bacne.

Help how can i get rid of my bacne and scars?

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Answer by EricaEcstatic

Answer by Rossie
People suffering from mild or moderate body acne, I heartily recommend the Clear Pores System. Hard to treat cases are better left to a dermatologist’s skills, although ClearPores is certainly up to the task.

The best way to treat acne is to cleanse the skin with a solution containing Salicylic Acid and SD Alcohol 40. The ClearPores body and face washes contain these two excellent ingredients, which are accompanied by the well-known Aloe Vera (to soothe the skin and help the healing process), Dandelion Root and Yellow Dock.

See its official site:

Also…keep your body skin clean every day and be careful not to trigger acne or rashes by wearing very tight clothing or heavy backpacks. If you feel your clothing, backpack or purse is causing you skin problems, then start thinking about alternatives.

Answer by crazyforwwjd
i hate bacne

i have it =[

Answer by Jamie-Sheree
Well im 18 never had acne before, so i guess i cant say from expirience, but my brother has and he used to get i think its called dermabrasion or something, see a beauty therapist they might be able to help cleans the skin or remove old oils. Hope it clears up for you soon 🙂

Answer by Zion
Try rubbing lemon juice on the area and use the squeezed lemon halves to rub the area in a circular motion. Lemons are nature’s natural bleaching agent and exfoliant, your scars should lighten and be gone soon, what’s more, it’ll kill those nasty bacteria which caused those bacne in the first place and you’d have a zesty citrus fragrance!

Answer by Dr. George Nowak, M.D.
The best OTC solution is ProActive Solution (benzoyl peroxide). It works by penetrating the epidermis and killing the bacteria that causes the acne. You also may want to consider seeing a doctor, as some acne cases need oral antibiotic AND topical treatment . Minocycline and doxycycline are both excellent anti-acne antibiotics your doctor or dermatologist may prescribe. Your dermatologist may also choose to prescribe BenzaClin or Topicort, which are powerful anti-acne creams. As for the scars, do not apply any scarring remedies until the acne has disappeared: the skin could become irritated and/or dry. Once the acne has cleared, applying Mederma will reduce the appearance of scars significantly. You should consult your dermatologist, of course, before starting any anti-acne regimen. Good luck!

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