How do I reduce cholesterol . .. prescription free?

How do I reduce cholesterol . .. prescription free? I've been using Crestor for a few years to manage my high cholesterol (which works very well). ...

How do I reduce cholesterol . .. prescription free?
I’ve been using Crestor for a few years to manage my high cholesterol (which works very well).

I have always had high cholesterol. I run 4 days a week, I eat reasonably well . . . but I’ve been having 2nd thoughts about taking prescription medicine to manage my cholesterol.

1) Both of my parents have had high cholesterol (upper 200’s) their entire lives. In their 60’s, they are both relatively active and have no signs of heart trouble.

2) I don’t have a whole lot of faith that the statin medicnes actually reduce heart disease. I know they lower cholesterol and tryglicerides effectively . .. but I’m not sure if that alone fixes the heart.

3) On a personal level, I feel that fixing the problem should be done via diet and exercise and I would like to try that.

Can anyone recommend a diet regimen that would work. Any proven “alternative” medicines. Also, if any doctors read this, I would love to hear their opinion on statin’s and heart disease.

Many thanks

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Answer by sandybasset
Low cholesterol diet and exercise.

Answer by Soul Doctor
Homeopathic Treatment for Curing a Potbelly Especially Excessive fat around abdomen or Help to Loose Weight and to Lower High Cholesterol Levels: –
Three Drops Each in a sip of water half hour before meals thrice a day always take them on an empty stomach. And avoid Chocolates Coffee Mints and Red Meat while you are taking any Homeopathic remedy.
Take care and God Bless!

Answer by windstarhealing
Hi! First of all, talk to your doctor before going off the medication so he can monitor how well the regimen is keeping your cholesterol under control. I would recommend Hawthorn Berries to help keep your heart in shape, and Garlic to lower cholesterol along with the exercise and dietary changes you have already made. Also, you can take Dandelion root to ward off any potential liver problems from the statins. I am at if you have any questions. Good luck!

Answer by susieque
In keeping with your clear interest in happy heart health, I believe you are on the right track for looking for alternatives.
Although I cannot directly answer your questions concerning statins, I can whole heartedly tell you of a book by Dr. Dean Ornish, entitled, REVERSING HEART DISEASE. The program largely is controlled by diet, and it is an easy one to live with.
I watched my husband read it, follow the recommendations, and then lose 30 pounds, normalize his blood sugar (borderline diabetic) , reduce his PSA levels, improve his cholesterol to normal, and the benefits just continue to shower him with good and improved health–the benefits are nearly endless!
Do read it and share liberally with your family–we CAN beat this heredity thing!!!
Good Luck and may God Bless you.

Answer by CaptKirk
Every country in the world that uses cholesterol (Statin) drugs except for the United States, require the drug companies to post the dangerous side effects in the literature that comes with the drug. Cholesterol drugs like Lipitor, Zocor, Pravachol, Mevacor and Crestor all have a common side effect of muscle pain. This in some cases leads to the potentially fatal muscle-wasting disease called rhabdomyolysis in patients with certain pre-existing medical conditions. My father got this before he died and my sisters are now off their statin drugs and have cured their high cholesterol the natural way like I did. I eat right, stay away from all foods that contain Whole and Partially Hydrogenated Oil (you will be amazed at how much food contains this), I also limit to once every week or two – foods that contain animal fat (saturated fat) and processed packaged foods. I also Power Walk 30 minutes every other day, drink lots (64 – 72 ounces) of filtered or bottled water and take a high potentcy multi vitamin and mineral supplement every day. There are many all natural ways to lower cholesterol, it manly comes down to diet and exercise. The saying, “You are what you eat” is so true. My sister takes 2 shots of Noni Juice every day to keep her cholesterol level down along with a good diet. Oh and here is something the drug companies and many doctors will not tell you because they would lose so much money, High Cholesterol does not cause strokes and heart attacks. A study done at Harvard School of Medicine a few years ago found that 70% of the people who died from stroke / heart attacks DID NOT HAVE High Cholesterol. High Cholesterol is not a disease. It is a symptom of Heart Disease. Cure your heart disease and you will cure yourself of high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Since I have turned to Alternative Medicine 17 years ago, I have not taken any perscription drugs and have been cured of so much by doing it the natural way. IT REALLY DOES WORK!!!

Answer by mrcricket1932
There are 2 items worthy of consideration. Lecithin and eggs. It has been well established that 2 out of 3 people have a reduction in the cholestoral level just by eating eggs regularly, the 3rd pereson had no change.

Lecethin is a long established treatment for reducing cholesterol. It is something you can add to any of your foods.

The greek word for “yolk of an egg” is lecithin.

Answer by Rebecca

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