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Posted in Keflex on 18th May 2014

How did Keflex fix my chronic cough?
I have had a persistent chronic cough for a very very long time. I showed no signs of asthma or COPD. I showed no explanation for the cough. I recently was prescribed Keflex for an infected tooth and to my surprise, my chronic cough has gotten about 75% better. I am very happy about this but I wonder what caused the cough in the first place and why Keflex worked to help it but when I took Amoxicillin it did nothing for my cough.
I did not take both antibiotics at once. There was a 2 week time period between them.

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Answer by ke_poo_04
If you took both drugs around the same time as your tooth, they stay in your system and the combination of the two was more powerful then one antibiotic. They are both in the penicillin family and be careful if you start to experience any allergic reaction. if you do call the doctor who prescribed the Keflex and explain the situation. That way they can resolve it quickly.

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