Depression Medication. Paxil versus Wellbutrin, my Experience.


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  1. Shaun Palm says:

    Zoloft actually makes people lose weight in most cases, at least for me it

  2. Lisa Sc says:

    A number of years ago a neurologist told me that I could not get on any
    good meds for depression unless I could afford to pay $150 (per month I
    guess he meant). I have TMJ and it causes tension headaches so I have to
    take 2 meds per day to cut down on the number of headaches since I get 9
    prescription migraine pills per month. My emotional pain is horrific. I
    think these meds just make it worse. They take away that bit of an edge a
    person needs to feel content and/or a little happy. I want off these
    medications. I want to go on an healthy organic meal plan that will get me

  3. Kris Frost says:

    wellbutrin sucks, thats why I preffer cutting myself and smoke pot.

  4. Gabrielswe100 says:

    I have Wellbutrin XL and I can’t get off it, advice needed please!

  5. Emily Wilson says:

    @JonathanRiusKickAss I can’t promiss anything because like most people with
    depression, it sometimes takes a few tries to find the medication that
    works best for you. Wellbutrin sometimes makes anxiety worse as your body
    and mind adjusts to the medication itself, so it’s not recommended that
    people with a huge amount of anxiety take it. Talk to your doctor about it.
    On a side note, Paxil helped A LOT with my anxiety (my original problem..),
    but I didn’t like that it made me tired.

  6. xxAfflictionxx85 says:

    Is your depression GONE??

  7. Emily Wilson says:

    @chimpthepimp Hard because it makes you crave it so badly. idk.

  8. nbmnbbvb says:

    The conditon is called Agoraphobia and should be listed on the back of the
    drug bottle but ISN’T… most people who come off the drugs will suffer
    this condition (conservatively stating “most people”)… the side effect
    they will state is “suicide”… but that is to really trick the public
    because the ones who don’t know what agoraphobia and dont experience it
    will just think “suicide” is just subjective and will just say “the patient
    is probably suicidal to begin with” so that is the trick part

  9. astoom says:

    @EWilsonLife Lol, your the one who needs to hook me up ( ;

  10. astoom says:

    You look a lot like my girlfriend. lol

  11. maolso1 says:

    There is little evidence that the drugs CAUSE weight gain.

  12. The615LOVE says:

    Personally, I think all ssri’s should just be banned. I think depression is
    more related to issues w/ dopamine not serotonin. I’d expect better results
    from wellbutrin b/c it works on dopamine. It’s not even an ssri. All “feel
    good” drugs like ecstasy, coke, adderall, and ritalin all work on dopamine.

  13. borowczyk76 says:

    Never quit ANY SSRI/SNRI cold turkey. It IS dangerous. I also love
    Wellbutrin. It makes the mornings a lot more tolerable and I don’t take 2
    hours just to be able to start my day. If I don’t take coffee during the
    day on top of that, then my sleeping pattern gets better (but I’m a coffee
    fiend, so I don’t know if I can stop that), but I take trazodone and that’s
    helped for sleeping. I took Zoloft as well, and it was the only SSRI that
    actually helped me a bit, no weight gain or anything.

  14. Emily Wilson says:

    @JonathanRiusKickAss I can’t promiss anything. The medication doesn’t
    control you, it just helps you go a step in the right direction– that is,
    if this medication works for you. Personally, it helps me as a mood
    stabilizer because it makes you feel more content throughout the day.
    However, i sometimes do have phases where it makes anxiety worse.

  15. Pct3ch says:

    You are really hot to be a nutty gal. *wink* Naw.. I just started taking
    paxil so this was a very good video.. T.Y.

  16. GameTime7295 says:

    it is a death pill idk if its the same but i’ve seen plp go bonkers after
    taking these damn meds i can always tell when i see these plp their eyes
    are never focus they look losta judge ordered me to take them i said ok sir
    and bounced out of jail fuk that BS

  17. RosaMarquesa says:

    Hello, CDN160… what about your struggle with depression? Are you on
    Wellbutrin yet? How have been the last six months with it? I’m starting on
    it, and I’m interested in opinions. Thank you so much!

  18. Brudof says:

    Hey, I started taking Wellbutrin a week ago, 150mg XL daily. It’s the first
    antidepressant I’ve ever taken. So far it’s been good, but about 12 hours
    after I take it, I feel like I lose all my energy and get aggitated really
    easily. I’ve heard aggitation is common, but for me it only happens 12
    hours after I take it. Also I noticed it makes me more anxious than I
    normally am. Did this happen to you? How much are you taking each day?

  19. Pedro Santos says:

    Ive been depressed for atleast 10 years now and ive become a really
    introverted person and i have zero energy. The complete opposite of what i
    used to be.Im 24 now and im seriously considering starting to take paxil
    and came across your vid.Thanks for sharing your experience you´re a
    beautiful and sincere girl

  20. Samurailord says:

    @paniccat die in a fire

  21. stephen macdonald says:

    well thats not good im on it now i jus started

  22. Enirke01 says:

    @TimGXR750 LMFAO!!!!

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