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Posted in Rhinocort on 26th May 2014

can loratadine be taken during pregnancy?
im 4 months and all day i have been sneezing and my eyes itch and my nose is draining into the back of my throat and its killing me. i have horrible allergies btw, always have. co i have loratadine from my dr. but baby center says its safe to take during pregnancy, but i looked at another cite that said its not…can anyone help?
ok guys i called my dr and she said it was just fine to take loratadine. and she said mucunex too. so its a go 😀

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Answer by Tuxicans
My doctor said Benedryl only, and at a 1/2 dose.

Answer by jenni
Your best bet would be to call your ob to see what he says. Different doctors will allow for different medications depending on the pros/cons of using each. I had an allergic reaction when I was pregnant and took both benadryl and claritin (loratadine).

Answer by curiousgirl07
I also suffer from allergies. Mine get really bad during the fall, and when I was pregnant a couple years ago, my doctor told me that Rhinocort nasal spray was “pretty much the only thing I could take.” I know I’ll have to switch to using it again this fall because I’m pregnant again. It does work well, it’s just not the allergy medicine that I normally prefer. Good luck feeling better from those allergies!

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