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Posted in Augmentin on 2nd May 2014

Can I take augmentin after cephalexin?
I had a large infection in my front tooth (after it cracked). The dentist had me take cephalexin for 5 days before removing the tooth. I’ve been taking cephalexin for 8 days now. The area where my tooth was is still painfull and swollen. I was told by my doctor to continue taking antibiotics. I have left over augmentin from another time. Is it safe to take that now? My cousin had gotten cdiff from taking antibiotics and I just want to be sure its safe.

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Answer by JJ
Yea this is safe to do. Almost all antibiotics have a tiny risk of leading to cdiff just because they are killing off other bacteria in your stomach/intestines. However this is really only a risk in people admitted in a hospital where cdiff is much more common. Antibiotics like clindamycin have a much higher risk of cdiff while augmentin and cephalexin have quite a small risk.

So yes, it is safe, you are at minimum to no risk of cdiff living at home taking those antibiotics.

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