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Posted in Pravastatin on 25th May 2014

Are you doing enough for your high cholesterol?

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Answer by сексуальный
i actually have really low cholesterol

Answer by ฬเll๏ฬ
Instead of 4 eggs I only have 3 eggs a day…baby steps 🙂

Answer by Chris G (re-add)
can plavix help?

Answer by Crash Fu™
My body is a pimple, and I respect it as such. Damn it.

Answer by etcmn
Removing most of the yokes from eggs. Instead of two eggs for an omelet I use one whole egg and two whites. Margarine instead of butter. With everything I’ve done my lady’s cholesterol has dropped by almost half but at the same time mine went up. For some of us the genetics are stacked against us. 🙁 The doctor has put me on Lipitor since nothing else seems to be helping.

Answer by Ms Feasance III
it seems happy enough…

Answer by (x/♥/x) Mad Hattress (x/♥/x)

I haz cheerios. lol

Answer by the Punisher
I do all I can
to increase it

Answer by mike m number 4
yep, i run a few times a week


Answer by papaw
A pill a day (Pravastatin) It stays within norms with it.


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