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Posted in Rhinocort on 31st May 2014

Allergies, Allergies Help!!!?
I never had allergies in my life, I know you can get them at any age! My nose has been blocked since October, my turbinates swell big all the time, and I cannot sleep well it is making me struggle with school! I have a furry dog and since October started it has been cold here in Houston so I didn’t get his haircut so it could be dander! Is it possible if I find my trigger to stop suffering so bad? Nasal sprays don’t work(steroids no afrin) , Allegra really doesn’t help, I’ve tried most otc allergy meds! If I see an allergist do you think this can help, I saw a ENT already and they said it wasn’t a deviated septum!

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Answer by caz
Sounds like you really need to see an allergist so you know what you are dealing with-could be heaps of things including dust mites, pollens, grasses, molds, dog etc. Have you tried different nasal sprays? (rhinocort, nasonex etc) there are a couple that sometimes you need to try to get one that works. Have you started using any new hair/laundry products since october?-it may be something that you re wearing?
good luck
I hope you get some answers soon

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