Which drug is most commonly used to overcome angina???

Which drug is most commonly used to overcome angina??? how is it taken....as tablets?? Best answer(s): Answer by eunosgirlMy dad takes nitrogly...

Which drug is most commonly used to overcome angina???

how is it taken….as tablets??

Best answer(s):

Answer by eunosgirl
My dad takes nitroglycerin. I believe this is fairly common although I am not sure if it is the most common. (Yes, it is the same thing used in dynamite.)


Answer by Loving_Heart
Nitrates are used extensively during an acute episode of Angina either as sub lingual tablet or spray (2 puffs stat.)
In Persistent Angina we use Deponet patch applied to patient’s skin.
We also use Beta blocker(Tenormin) as a prophylaxis against Angina of myocardial origin.
Nitrates act as coronary vasodilator.
In severe angina i/v infusion(Isoket) of nitrates are used but dosage has to be fixed on BP.
So the treatment of angina depends on severity and underlying cause/s.

Answer by fartmongers
I am on Toprol XL for my angina. Works well.

Answer by DaisyMae
Nitroglycerin seems to be the drug of choice for angina. It is in little tablets that are placed under the tongue when you have pain. You have to keep your prescription fresh, however. My husband has angina, and one time he let the tables get old. They did not help him. He got to spend the next day or so at the hospital while they made sure he did not have a heart attack, just angina pain.

Answer by nicene98
You can take it as a spray, tablet or patch called nitroglycerin

Answer by briennie c
Try Lipitor….It will drop your chloresterol FAST


Answer by Vrishabha
If you take allopathy, you will have to take life long. If you believe in ayurved, you can stop all the medication within 4 to 6 months. There are few good capsules such as Rudved, Cardoved, Suved or Hridayrnava Ras. You will find the details in google search engine.

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