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what happens if a dog accidentally eats a prescription pill such as pravastatin?
my dog ate one of my pravastatin pills, will this damage her?

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Answer by BSL = Bullsh*t Legislation
Why don’t you try calling your vet?

Why do you expect us to know? We’re not vets.

Human medication can be fatal even if pets injest it. It all depends on the size, the ingredients and the sensitive of the actual animal to the actual medication. This is why its so important to keep human medication away from animals.

The only way you find out for certain is to contact a local vet to find out exactly what may happen and whether you need to take her to the emergancy vet.

Answer by willow ♀ AKC Aussies due 10/22
you call the emergency after hours vet immediately and get advice over the phone.

you don’t dyck around on the computer.

Answer by Lady
It might not only hurt her internally, but also kill her. Most human medications are lethal for dogs. Acetaminophen can esp. kill dogs and if they don’t die, then their livers are damaged for life. So, if your pill is/has this, then you need to immediately take your dog to the vet. If not, monitor your dog closely and if she starts throwing up or acting sick, then rush her to the vet quickly.

Answer by Tracey (crime tv addict) Mannell
All of a human’s drugs (prescription or otherwise) are dangerous to animals as animals drugs to us. Get her down the vet’s as soon as possible this morning if you can. It’s urgent,get her down there & get her stomach pumped or you’ll lose her.I know,I take drugs (fror epilepsy) myself. But my dog gets out of my room she has more sense than to touch one of mine.She knows they will kill her,so as soon as I get my drugs out she’ll go. Get that dog down the vet’s NOW!! And in future keep them out of her way!

Answer by Jacki
If you go to the vet you will end up spending hundreds of dollars for them to make the dog throw up. My dog ate adipex which was to help lose weight. I called the vet and told them I couldn’t afford to bring my dog in. They recommended that I give him four teaspoons of peroxide to make him throw up. It’s a mess to clean up, but it emptied his stomach and he was fine. Believe me, my dog has gotten into lots of things and ate many crazy items. I heard salt water also helps the dog vomit, but I haven’t tried it. Peroxide worked perfectly. If you can’t make the dog take a spoonful I went to my pharmacy and asked if they had any syringes. They give it to you without the needle and it took that easily. (They are the things a lot of people use to give babies medicine if you can’t get one for free)

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