[pl] Kent Hovind on Bible Versions Part 1/2


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  1. 13alegra says:

    I have an impression that i heard a snake´╗┐

  2. vufz7yy2 says:

    Hovind was awarded a master’s degree and doctorate in ‘Christian Education’
    through correspondence from the ‘non-accredited’ Patriot University in
    Colorado Springs. Since January, 2007, Hovind has been serving a ten-year
    prison sentence after being convicted of 58 federal counts, including 12
    tax offenses, one count of obstructing federal agents, and 45 counts of
    structuring cash transactions. Hovind is incarcerated at the FPC Satellite
    Camp of the ADX Florence prison in Florence, Colorado.

  3. Slawomir Furgalski says:

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