Paxil Study 329


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  1. enzyme20056 says:

    My god. It’s shocking, why don’t companies ever give up on a bad egg like
    paroxetine. If these are the best drugs they have to offer I can’t imagine
    what the drugs that they rejected are like.

  2. janetta thornhill says:

    how can these people sleep at night?

  3. paulopezz says:

    eli lilly who make prozac are the same.all hidden drug trials and bribes in
    courts.its all out there to read about these evil drug companies.theyre
    hiding the terrible side effects for money.dont trust your doctor
    either,hes a money grabbing liar.who doesnt care when you become
    addicted.ive nearly died from taking and trying to get off doctor
    is intrested at all.they say these drugs are “SAFE”i made a video about my
    ordeal if anyones intrested.NEVER mess with your seratonin.

  4. MissVVanity says:


  5. Noiselandable says:

    Everyone in Quebec sleeps at night cause de lobbies are stronger than any
    logical arguments demonstrating antidepressants and psychiatrist products
    are toxic and are creating more mental illness than it never cured
    anything. It’s criminal and our countries are accepting this as a sign of
    compassion for the patient . It’s murder and lies but if we protest , enven
    like me , an ex-patient , you are declared as mis-informed or accused of
    discriminating patients .

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