Medication Education: F.A.P. and Medication


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  1. tavisha says:

    I just wanted to add that another drug that many people who have j-pouches
    use is either immodium or lomotil. I know I personally used Lomotil the
    entire time I had my j-pouch… I also initially did the metamucil
    wafers… but over time I ditched it. I had my j-pouch for 17 years…
    sometimes I wonder if it was worth it… I had j-pouch surgeries when I was
    14… back then the idea of having a bag was repulsive. Now I <3 my stoma 🙂

  2. FAPulousTV says:

    Thank you for sharing your input. I have never heard of the jpouch being
    taken out for a scan or endoscopy but, I will look into it. I don’t quite
    understand how that would work considering that the jpouch is an internal
    organ and that would entail major surgery for every scan or endoscopy
    (which isn’t supposed to monitor the pouch). I have heard of Celebrex but
    at the moment, am not sure it would benefit me. I will spend more time
    looking into the efficacy of Celebrex in F.A.P.ers though!

  3. Kevin Rebstock says:

    the suladac causes more isssues with side affect

  4. Kevin Rebstock says:

    its highly recommended that the ‘j’ pouch be taken out.when u get scaned or
    an upper gi done,the instrument can not go inside the pouch,hope you are
    aware of this.. i had mine removed because of that,and mine broke. you
    should also be on celebrex twice a day.its the closest to a stundts
    the growth of tumors polyps and desmoids which i have 20 of them in my

  5. Brad Flora says:

    What a great video. I have fap total colectomy in 2006 with j pouch. Way to
    speak up.

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