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Posted in Sulindac on 24th April 2014

If I am severely allergic to salicylic acid(on the skin) am I allergic to aspirin??
or not necessarily so?


——educated answers only please, if you do not know please move along. ­čÖé thanks again.
thanks guys! I just felt like I get funny looks from doctors and nurses when I tell them I’m allergic to aspirin.

they always ask me what it does to me,, andI have to tell them, well… i dunno

I never actually took aspirin so I dont know!! but salicylic acid gives me a mean peeling blister… lol

anyways thanks!!!

Best answer(s):

Answer by EGD
yes. aspirin is acetyl salicylic acid.

Answer by VoltisArt
Yes. Aspirin is acetyl-salicylic acid, not changed enough in the chemical process to avoid a cross-reaction. Do avoid it.

Answer by Dedi
First of all, the salicylic acid when applied on skin, causes peeling. This is used in cosmetic treatment to exfoliate and peel the skin and makes it thinner, so the skin gets more sensitive. It is often used for corn, clavus a hard thickening of the skin (especially on the top or sides of the toes) caused by the pressure of ill-fitting shoes and wart too.

But if you are sure that you’re really allergic to salicylic acid, DO NOT take Aspirin (Acetilsalicilic Acid) or any kind of medicine which contains this active ingredient. Also you should NOT TAKE ingredients such as DIPIRONA (metamizol sodio), IBUPROFEN, PIROXICAN, DICLOFENAC, NAPROXEN. If you’re feeling pain or having fever, takes always paracetamol to relief at the moment. And when you go to a doctor or dentist and if you need to take any local anestesy, tell them that you are allergic to salicylic acid because some of anestesy contains this ingredients.

Here are the drugs you SHOULD NOT TAKE if you are allergic to Salicylic Acid:

o ├ücido acetilsalic├şlico
o Acetilsalicilato de lisina
o Diflunisal – Salsalato – Aloxoprina – Benorilato – Etersalato – Fosfosal
o Metamizol – Dipirona – Propifenazona – Fenilbutazona – Oxifenbutazona
o Diclofenac – Alclofenac
o Tolmetina – Zomepirac – Fentiazac – Bufexamac, Difenpiramida – Sulindac – Ketoralaco – Nabumetona
o Fenfufeno – Ibuprofeno – Indoprofeno – Naproxeno – Benoxaprofeno – Fenoprofeno
o Flurbiprofeno – Ketoprofeno – ├ücido tiaprof├ęnico, butiprofeno, Ibuproxan – Suprofeno
o Indometacina – Acetamicina – Glucametacina
o Isoxicam – Piroxicam – Sudoxicam – Tenoxicam – Droxicam
o Flufen├ímico – Glafenina – Mefen├ímico – Niflumico – Meclofen├ímico, Clonixina, Isonixina

And these ones you CAN TAKE (you are aloud to take this medicines):
* Paracetamol** (Actr├│n┬«, Alginina┬«, Apiretal┬«, Dolgesic┬«, Duorol┬«, Efferalgan┬«, Febrectal┬«, Frenadol┬«, Gelocatil┬«, Panadol┬«, Pediapirin┬«, Termalgin┬«, Tylenol┬«, etc …)
* Salicilato s├│dico
* Dextropropoxifeno (Deprancol┬«) – Diviminol – Buprenorfina (Buprex┬«, Prefin┬« )
* Tilidina (Tilitrate┬«) – Pentazocina (Soseg├│n┬«) – Codeina – Naloxona
* Salsalato (Umbradol®, Atisuril®)
* Nimesulide (Guaxan)*
* Meloxicam (Movalis®)**
* Robecosif (Vioxx®)
* Celecosif (Celebrex®)
* Bromuro de ioscina
* Bromuro de pirfinio (Buscapina simple®)

I hope I’ve helped you. And tells all the time to a Doctor that you are allergic to some kinds of drugs.

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