I Hate Drops On Roller Coasters!?

I Hate Drops On Roller Coasters!? I have a season pass to cedar point so I go all the time, but I jut hate the drops I've been on almost everything e...

I Hate Drops On Roller Coasters!?
I have a season pass to cedar point so I go all the time, but I jut hate the drops I’ve been on almost everything except like the millenium force and the magnum if someone will take their time and rate each roller coaster there like 1-10 in stomach drops on the first hill and any advice on how to kind of ignore the stomach drop feeling?

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Answer by nas88car300 #24 finally catches a good break
well its just not teh fiorst drop on the Force it a couple others but the ride is very cool and once you get over thatfeeling you wil ride the Force again and again to my stomach about a 6 on the swcond and third and 8 on the first
Magnum rode only once and the first was about a 6
if you can handle MaxAir and Raptor you wil handle the drops on the Force

Answer by Kaitie
I don’t go to cedar point all the time (I wish haha!) but I can say I HATE drops too, I hate the feeling like you’re gonna fall out of your seat, so I like sticking to coasters with mostly loops and stuff like that. Which there are, there’s lots of coasters focused on just loops and speed, but they have to have the first drop and everything, so you just have to ignore it, which SUCKS. I just close my eyes and push my feet down and hold on and grit my teeth and it’s over before I know it and then I can enjoy the rest of the ride.
Pushing my feet down reduces the stomach-coming-up-out-of-your-mouth feeling for me.
Hope this helped a little bit? 🙂

Answer by Jeff Phom
start with low drops then bigger ones, you might get used to it

Answer by The Great Pretender
That’s caused by the feeling of weightlessness that you get on drops and at the tops of hills. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Cedar Point, but here’s how I would probably rate their coasters in terms of weightlessness and, ergo, “the stomach drop feeling.” These are scaled so that there’s some differentiation between the rides, most of them do not have much or any of that feeling, but I didn’t want to just give them all 1s.

Blue Streak – 3/10, maybe a little more in the back
Corkscrew – 1/10
Gemini – 4/10
Iron Dragon – 1/10
Magnum – 8/10, but not so much on the first drop
Mantis – 5/10
Maverick – 6/10
Millennium Force – 9/10, but ONLY on the first drop
Raptor – 3/10
Top Thrill Dragster – 6/10
Wicked Twister – 6/10

As far as blocking the feeling, the best things you can do are: 1. Tighten your abdominal and gluteal muscles (the ones in your stomach and butt) as you go over the drops and 2. Ride a lot of roller coasters. I can speak to personal experience on this, as at some point during my 150+ rides on various roller coasters I stopped having that feeling in my stomach. I actually miss it, to be honest.

Anyway, hope this helped, and happy ridings!

Answer by Jhenelle741
I think the same thing and usually the people who isn’t really that effected by the drops are the ones who always get on rollercoasters. I am NOT that person. Ive only been on about 4 different rollercoasters, but only because of my friends talking me into it.

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